Sony Ericsson K300

Sony Ericsson K300

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  • Gamble
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  • 05 Mar 2024

Irwan Alos, 25 Sep 2020Pro: - Camera 0.3Mp 4xZoom Con: - No Bluetooth - Ev... moreIt had infrared, you cannot put a price on that

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    • Irwan Alos
    • njm
    • 25 Sep 2020

    - Camera 0.3Mp 4xZoom
    - No Bluetooth
    - Eventually SIM-LOCK

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      • atashinchi
      • vV5
      • 26 Jan 2020

      use nokia 3100 before and upgrade to this phone finish playing prince of persia, beowulf, n soul of darkness buy from gameloft. great old time

        That screen, it's just too weird for my mind to comprehend!

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          • AnonD-755436
          • LaK
          • 28 Apr 2018

          first phone which i had. I have used it for 5 or 6 years. Good memories. To bad that i gave it away.

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            • A.K.
            • gIW
            • 10 Jan 2018

            The battery died only after 12 years. I got a new one for 6 euros et voilà: it works as new! Tougher than Callahan!

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              • AnonD-566338
              • w6A
              • 30 Jul 2016

              this phone of the year

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                • JL
                • mr4
                • 10 Jun 2016

                AnonD-203526, 02 Sep 2014 I recently bought a battery of this phone, now looks like... moreWhere can I buy such a battery?

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                  • DDS
                  • teX
                  • 02 Jul 2015

                  I was using a K 300 in 2006.Today (after using many phones,I am going to buy a new battery and try to see whether I can use this phone again. though it is a basic phone (today), a good phone.

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                    • Vlada
                    • JKW
                    • 17 Jan 2015

                    It was the first phone in my life!I'm still keeping him in drawer :)

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                      • AnonD-203526
                      • PwM
                      • 02 Sep 2014

                      I recently bought a battery of this phone, now looks like new again.

                      Is a very good phone.

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                        • EmpirioN
                        • mKw
                        • 31 Aug 2014

                        Definetaly a good phone. Back in 2005 when I got it it was pretty cheap and with camera, mp3 ringtones, etc. Also very durable phone!

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                          • vic
                          • IvE
                          • 14 Apr 2014

                          can you browse facebook with this phone?i saw this old phone the other night in our old storage room and i checked it if it's still working.i found out that it's just the battery that doesn't work so i used a modified battery. i just wonder why i cant browse facebook on it.

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                            • lucas
                            • Pea
                            • 21 Mar 2014

                            That was an amazing, and unbreakable, phone.

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                              • Binny
                              • vbR
                              • 23 Jan 2014

                              Missing this phone very much. I bought this phone in 2006 & nw using blackberry but still missing those memories with this phone......!!!!!!!!

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                                • SE fan
                                • JK%
                                • 01 Jan 2014

                                My second SE phone. It was really great, but it was not so nice like the others.

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                                  • Ali
                                  • y@Z
                                  • 06 Dec 2013

                                  This was awesome I used in 2005-06 that was my first phone. I love it.

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                                    • selena
                                    • qKH
                                    • 08 Oct 2013

                                    this was my first phone long long time ago. Now that I have used iphone 4s & 5 and samsung galaxy s4, I actually realize that this sony ericsson is much better quality than those popular phones.

                                    I didn't even drop the samsung s4, but the screen cracked,I remember I used to drop this sony ericsson phone at least 8 times a day on a cement because I was a reckless teenager, it never cracked, not once. The case got worn off of course, but you can get the case replacement for really cheap. I remember one time I was listening to music on it, while taking a bath, but then I fell asleep, so my k300 fell into the bathtub and was under water for 1-2 hours, playing music. I woke up and quickly dried off the phone, and the next day, the phone was working perfectly fine.

                                    More durable than nokia 3310, trust me. I am willing to drop these expensive and fragile smartphones and go back to my k300

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                                      • Anil
                                      • mvr
                                      • 27 Jun 2013

                                      It's my first phone! My doesn't working :( i miss you

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                                        • preetam
                                        • w0@
                                        • 23 May 2013

                                        its an awesome phone and still working. the interesting fact about the phone is that we can play youtube videos with high speed without buffering. i love it.............................