Sony Ericsson K310

Sony Ericsson K310

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  • dsr

good phone, very reliable, low mem only con
-anyone know how to delete protected files??
-code of joy ringtone convertor (or please suggest a free convertor)

  • Anonymous

U can tranfer mp3 both from pc/download from internet. Use USB cable for fast transfer. Infrared/downloading from internet may slow.

  • Ryan

Can you use mp3's transferred onto the phone from a PC as ringtones, or do they have to be downloaded seperately from the internet to be able to use them as ringtones?

  • Srdjan

I like this phone. Who needs bluetooth, wi-fi, m2 and all that fancy things. Phone is for calling and sending sms. This phone is really good!!!

  • Anonymous

well what u use? USB or INFARED? install PC suite and connect ur k310i to PC. Open PC suite.. here u'll see an option 'Mobile Networking Wizard' click it. then click "New Connection" and give a name of the connection. then click NEXT.. NEXT untill u get APN (ACCESS POINT NAME). fill up ur Network internet APN.. do not use WAP or MMS APN.. then finish the process. Now click on ur created profile and click CONNECT... thats all !!

  • 3g

Picture can be develope?


i want to know that how connect to k310i with computer to connect the internet please send me details when i pc suit installed thanks ankur kamboj

  • Anonymous

Do u know u can convert ur k310i to w200i phone? confused?? well you cann't use FM radio and M2 but u'll get 26 Mega byte of memory on ur k310i phone... amazing!! u can use all feature of w200i with WALKMEN MEDIA player and FLASH menu!! how to convert?? u'll need SONY ERICSSON UPDATE SERVICE with a DCU 60 data cable and the flash (frameware) of w200i. the flash of w200i can be collect easily from internet for FREE. search in google for more information. if need help then mail me at

  • Anonymous

Well you can delete your video by one trick. Follow the instructions
1. Connect your phone with pc by your DCU 60 usb data cable and backup your necessary files ( picture, ring tone etc)
2. Turn off your phone or select FILE TRANSFER mood from

3. Click My computer on your Pc and you'll see the Drives of the computer with a new removal drive (that is your phone memory)
5. Right click on your phone memory removal drive and click FORMAT
6. You can format your FAT16 file system with QUICK FORMAT.
7. After format your all data only on FILE MANAGER will be deleted (not contacts, sms, settings etc).
8. Now PASTE your backup and u'll found that the video is gone! .

  • Indiwar Pandit

Does anybody have idea,how to delete protected file.Please mail me at

  • Anonymous

want to hear DVD quality sound on ur k310i ? just conver any video (dvd,dat,mpeg..etc) with XILISOFT VIDEO CONVERTER to *3gp and change the audio *aac instead of *amr... oh what a nice clear sharp sound!! just like Dolby Digital !! why wait?? need help? mail to ..enjoy with k310i... use the full use of the phone!

  • Anonymous

do u want to make ur k310i as a smart phone? well download docreader.jar to view word, excell, powerd point document on ur k310i !! thinking about pdf? just download pdfreader.jar !! want to received e-mail just like SMS with a ringtone?? configure ur k310i with GMAIL IMAP and ur phone will turned into.. Mozilla Thunderbird !! just search google for all.. i'll write the links soon.. why smart phone or N-seris? ur k310i is much better than all !!! enjoy

  • Anonymous

there's 2 way to send pic,video 4m ur phone 2 PC. Buy an Infra-red device or a DCU-60 USB data cable. download SONY ERICSSON PC SUITE. verson 1.50 best works with k310i then newer verson. after connecting with PC suite u maybe send ur DATA via infra red. You can send DATA without PC suite if u use DCU-60 DATA cable. Ur phone'll be like a PEN DRIVE with that! u can save more than 15 full mp3 songs if u compess the size via MP3 GOLD COMPRESSOR software!!

  • ng Hn

over one year of using K310i, phone is still in good condition!

  • phoebe

i have this phone,for me it is very worst because of its very low memory,you can't save many mp3 player only 1 or 2 don't buy this!


to Mini, of course you can transfer your pics and videos to pc. all you need is an usb cable, borrow one from one of your friends who got sony ericsson phone. you can use a w300, 800. 810, 550 or any another new se model because its the same. when you will connect your phone to the pc your phone will appear like a memory stick, and all you gotta do is to copy/paste the movie :) if it isn't working in this way, you can download sony ericsson pc suite and transfer files with their official programs. good luck, dude :)

  • Indiwar Pandit

Hi,This is really nice phone with good budget.I love this phone very much.We can transfer images,ringtones,sounds via infrared port or USB data cable to PC or mobile.I have bought is at Rs.6499/- Nepalese Rupee with Mero Mobile SIM.Nice GPRS surfing.I have at all no problem with it.Buy It.

  • Mini

Hey does anyone know if you can transfer the images + vids on this phone to a computer somehow? Cuz I'm getting a new phone, but the pics + vids on this have a lot of sentimental value and I'd like to keep them. It didn't come with a USB.

  • prp

Hi all, I am using SE K310i frm last 6 months. It's a good device I bought it 4 3650/- in HYD.
Good Value 4 money.
I don't have any problems upto now,
Here some Pro's/Con's

15 mb memory
MP3, AAC, MIDI, AMR.. Tones
Good Loud Speaker
Large Display (in it's Category)
Java (Apps n Games), HTML, Infrared, USB
Net Connect 2 PC through USB Is good (GPRS)
perfect fit for other many SE's (USB, Ear phone, charging)

Camera (Especially in night/indoor)
Unable 2 del pre loaded apps/games (mem sucking)
Group sms not supported
Bluetooth unavil
color schemes (Dispaly is not good compare to oher SE)
Keys color is fading
single slot for every thing 4 decreasing lifetime of phone (Ear phones, USB, Charger)

  • monty

yeah...dis phone is good is not so gud..or it has not expandable it's a cool phone, plz buy dis...