Sony Ericsson K600

Sony Ericsson K600

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The design is giving me vibes of the Sony Ericsson W902 for some reason. I don't know why though.

  • Anonymous

Have this phone years ago, but it has stolen by the culprit, (sigh)

  • Tyga

My sister gave mi k600i in 2011 and i lovd it so much bt unfortunately it was robbed 4rm me,, does any1 has one on sell plzzz

  • chezza

hi there my tutor still using this phone and swears by it!!...

  • Agustin Hordeñ

I sat on this phone and the screen broke. Now, 7 years later, the phone still turns on. I would really like to take the videos out of it, but i don t have the cable.

If anyone has a cable to conect this phone to a computer, please contact me.


  • andrea

I still using this phone. I want it to change to new one, but i can't, because it is too good. Battery stays a life for one week approximately. Awesome phone!

  • vinnic

very good device, FM have active RDS, available Flash wallpapers, good connection, front cover - real ALLUMINIUM!!! Nokia 515 smoke in the corner)))

  • izzuddeen

i'm still using k600i since 2006 when i went lagos for a workshop nd am still enjoyin it i dont knw where to get the new one i luv this phone


i love this fon and i will rememba it alwayz. it waz my first fon in my life given to me by my mum when i waz in shs. 2 and it helped me in so many wayz. And it is alwayz my fiancee with the music i have on it. ooooooooh! what a lovely fone. waw! i', gonna purchase one very soon again! YES!

  • jelly

i love SE k600i!
i have been using this phone since 2006, have dropped it from various heights and it still works pretty well.
Except for the part that whenever i move the joystick down, the phone would always mistake it as an 'OK'..
Does anyone know how i can fix this?
I love this phone so much and I don't want to buy a new one.

  • jelly

Anonymous, 25 Mar 2012Hi guys. my k600 won't open anymore. it still charges and my bat... morethat also happened to my k600i twice some years ago.
For the first time it won't open, i brought it to a repair shop and the reformat it.
The second time it happened, i bought a new charger. it turns out that my charger was broken.

  • naskoprasko

please can someone help me how to find new external mask for my SE k600

  • Anonymous

Hi guys. my k600 won't open anymore. it still charges and my battery is new. i just recently purchased it at a sony ericsson center. please guys help. i still love using this phone. it's very awesome. i bought it way back 2006 and this is just the time that it didn't open. please help . thanks in advance ;)

  • MboY


  • BassBooster

Fantastic simple phone, very professional looking - I have two, an 'everyday user' and a brand new boxed one. I'm a fan of Sony Ericssons in general (I'm using a K850i now - amazing camera!) I love the K600i too!

  • Se fan

I want to buy this phone anyone want to sell it to me?

  • enial

i miss my k600..very useful

  • OuijaBoardMesser

my sis bought this phone 5 years ago and until now its still working.Tho she bought already a new phone.

  • fawzy

does any one where I can find the Data cable and Cahrger of this mobile, I need it so much.
thanks all

  • Anonymous

It works very well until now ^^