Sony Ericsson K608

Sony Ericsson K608

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The back of the phone looked pretty similar like the back of the Sony Ericsson P990 and so I got really confused. Glad to know the differences now.

  • Joni

bachchoo, 11 Dec 2011i've been using this nice product since 2005. unfortunately rece... moreMy k608i is already 11 years old and still in good condition. I still use it as back up phone.

  • AnonD-71406

slyboy_12, 02 Aug 2012change to 2G settings not 3G i'm using this phone, work to change that.. my dad still is using this device and there's no way to switch from 3G to 2g

  • AnonD-451592

Best phone I ever had,I love to use the movie and music editor apps,and I finished over 20 times the vijai singh pro golf 2005 game.Only disappointment is the weak battery life,poor singnal reception and camera... But I still like it more than my iPhone 6 plus :D

  • AnonD-466275

+ Decent call quality
+ Nice graphical user interface
+ Decent WAP web browser
+ Nice ring-shaped rear camera shutter
+ QuickShare is as easy and quick as advertised
+ Fun pre-installed golf game

- Small keypad
- Lousy JPEG photography

  • Brian Krisz

Anonymous, 13 May 2015Absolutely it's a special phone I got it on 2006! And it's work ... moreI got this phone at 2015,,, this amazing phone :)

  • Anonymous

Absolutely it's a special phone I got it on 2006! And it's work until now.....

This phone is original

  • Leon

I have this set, was working perfectly but I stopped using it due to iphone, but now I need to use it but there's a phone lock and I forget the four digit key...
any one knows that how to open it ?

  • meng

I have this kind of phone acquired year 2005....and still working...I just keep back up phone...almost 8.5 years....age

  • Mishu

This Was My first Multi-Media Mobile Phone.But recently It is non-active becuse of its service and due to that I am Very Much Trouble same.I There Fore Pray & Hope that I Can get this Type Of Phone Again.

  • Tsonev

Im proud with this/my phone. Its also my first and only colored phone... I got just after his release and still use without any problems. I still play and download java games, lol :D This machine still stopping me from buying smart phone becouse its like new, even the battery works 3-7 days, depend of the talks. I just love it and I cant/dont wannt to change it... just cant

  • Kamran

This was my first phone, it was beautiful especially from the back. Its camera was supperb at that time.

  • Cheesy

My first colored phone (OuO;)
Happily used it for 5 years , loved Sony because of it.

  • Brave heart

Its the most trific set i have use but unluckly it is not avalable now

  • rex

this was my second phone and i still use this. at that time this ph was a great one. still it is... but the battery is poor...

  • slyboy_12

ariyoga, 24 Jul 2012bad baterray???change to 2G settings not 3G

i'm using this phone, work fine.

  • ariyoga

bad baterray???


iam noteciving gprs settingby bsnl

  • mom and daddy

I request to add usb facility in my K608i mobile fone, so that ican transfer files from my laptop to this K608i model.


sony ericsson battary are u good