Sony Ericsson K618

Sony Ericsson K618

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  • Jenny

Ei, just wanna ask those who already have this model. Does this fone's back cover creak. Coz i hav a k550i fone. Its really a good fone but im beginning to hate it becoz of its creakin back cover. And now i am thinking about switching to this k618, becoz it has a similar feature with the k550i, only without autofocus and flash, but its a 3g fone on the other hand.. Thnx!

  • ashish Godhani

K618 is best model in sony

  • felix

i bought this handphone 5months ago and i noticed my k618i drain its battery so fast.. so i bought another battery and its not changed my battery drain even without using my phone it continues draining its battery and it only last for only 2-3hrs.. how come? what will i do? pls give me an advice

  • Anonymous

I think the only significant difference between k610 and k618 is the design. k618 is actually a variant of v630, without the Vodafone personalization.

  • Jon2

What's the difference between K610 and K618??
Both have exactly the same specs!



  • munster

wat do u mean secret menu?

  • warlock


  • --------------------

it is so cooooool 3g phone

  • edi

look in the secret menu

  • green_facade

Not a comment, but a question. The phone is no longer charging thru the USB. May I know how to correct this problem.

  • SymbianUser

nice design i like k618i black but not interes to buy :p

  • Anonymous

may i know where is the handphone hole to put handphone strap????

  • Anonymous

it's lagging.. how come?? n sth wrong v da program??

  • Anonymous

I have SE K610i and K618i its the same phone in different box

  • iqa

i had just lost this sad :-(

  • Tian

I very dissapointed. 3 days ago I buy this handphone. In this handphone design ada 3 speaker, but only 1 speaker can make voice. So, is falsehood. Merely have 3 speaker, but only 1 speaker can make voice.

  • Anonymous

does any of k618 user have problem with socket. For an example,after u plug in your headphone socket, can it still move in and out even by the
slightest ??? can anyone answer my question ..thanks in advance and i appreciate it...

  • Eren

is it possible for us to transfer my messages from my old phone to this phone? pls help.

  • pink shadow

tiz phone din hav infrared port 1 ar??