Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • Ross

ok my k750i does show the number and name in the contacts list.are there different models of this phone? like early models that didn't have this feature?

  • Rose

Hi! I just bought a new k750i last week. I noticed that the memory alloted to the Inbox is limited. I think i'm just able to save less than 50 mgs. Is there any way that i can increase that? i even bought 1gb memory stick for this phone. appreciate you help. thanks!

  • inbounds_mist

No doubt, the K750i is one of the best non-smartphones made in the mobile phone history.

  • karim

2 major problem with the k750: 1st, the calling log shows only calls during 1 day.
2nd, if u get several missed calls from the same person, u get the time of only the last time. Anyone knows if there is an update on such issues? tnx!

  • TechSavvy

This phone is made of clay man. Yes-clay. But it`s a hardened and improved version of that material, brought from Siberia, Russia. Those guys know stuff about that. And it`s beautifully painted and curved. So go ahead and try it, don`t be afraid-it doesn`t smell...Oh I`m sorry I gotta go, can`t wait to make another drag...Ohhhhh...and this phooonee can fly sometimes tooo.

  • Tommy

Anybody please tell me where can i get the latest firmware for K750i and how to install it to the phone?. Thanks

  • joemurr

can anybody tell me what software i should download for this mobile to talk with messenger contacts?

  • Silviu

Can anyone tell from what material is made the shell of this phone ? Is plastic, metal, or what ?

  • citysoldier

I think its just branded phones that dont show name and number in contacts. Mine shows them both.

People have flashed their k750s to w800 firmware.

Yes you can use mp3 for sms tone. Just go to the mp3 u want and choose more>use as>message alert.

Anything u ask has probably been asked b4 so take a few secs/minutes to look back a page or even just down a page and search using google etc.

Just thought Id answer a few. I always see questions asked over and over but I thought Id help for once.

  • TechSavvy

To Kamran.
Yes, I meant automatic retry when the line is busy. I can`t find it. As for the tests with the signal strength and connectivity the phone got better after upgrade and leveled off with Nokia that I tried but like I said it can`t compete on the way they hear me on the other end-I break up, unless I use bluetooth headset. The phone that I used for comparison was Nokia 7260, a very sleek and stylish phone-that`s all my girlfriend will need when I present her with that.And in my tests both phones worked on 1900 Mhz, maybe that makes difference too. I`m going overseas (abroad, like you would say) to the GSM 900 zone, so in regards to that I will share my experience later, I hope it will as positive as yours. Also I get to better opinion about this phone when I see how much its rivals that come up now cost-they are crazy, those guys from Nokia and Samsung. I`ll stick to mine, and I think it`s very sophisticated on its looks.

  • deadly sins

Hello everyone.
You cannot compare k750 with phones like 6670 os 3230.. it is just not right. see.. the only phone that can challenge k750 is the N series and the upcoming E series. yes.. it is possible to set your mp3 as your message ringtone. unlike some other SE phones.
Thank you.
if you need anything.
Please e mail me at

  • Kamran

By the way, did you tried reducing display brightness to save power. If not do it now. It's very effective. If you've noticed the only times the phone warns about battery consumption is the display brightness, "Magic word" function & bluetooth.

  • Kamran

"do you know if there is a redialing?"
I'm not sure I got what you mean by "redialing". Don't you mean the feature that acts when the destination number or the network are kind of busy & asks for retry?

  • Anonymous

"Another thing that irritates me is that when browsing contacts ..."
That bothers me as well. My previous SE used to show the number along with the name.

  • Kamran

"Do you know any idea what that could be?"
I don't know about that, but I remember you said previously that nokia phones give better signal strenght and particularly act faster while seaching network. I compared my phone with my friend's 7610. Mine gave equal or better signal bar in different positions & in no condition was weaker than his. Also it was visibly faster (I can say 50%)responding to network change. I didn't try the same test before upgrading. Maybe you did so and got different result. Am I right?

  • TechSavvy

Is there difference to upgrade to LR1N035 or to w800 instead? So far it`s on ...35, the latest one for K750i. Thank you.

  • TechSavvy

To Kamran Magma2000 and others...Another thing that irritates me is that when browsing contacts-I only see the name of a contact but not a phone number along with that. In order to dee the phone number I`m supposed to either make a call or go to EDIT in the MORE, like options you see in the right bottom. Any ideas? Also do you know if there is a redialing? I don`t see it. Thank you.

  • TechSavvy

To Kamran Magma2000 and others...
Strange things going on here. If you remember I wasn`t happy with the signal strength, to be more exact with the poor outgoing connection-when the phone shows one or two bars I hear well but they can`t-I break up bad. So I tried the same thing but talking via bluetooth headset instead (SE HBH-660) and to my surprise even at the spots of the worst signal we could talk well, and they hear me well enough-I never heard them asking me to repeat. Do you know any idea what that could be? Why is it good via bluetooth headset and it`s not directly on the phone-I alway hear them well though, but they way they hear me-is very disappointing....Regards.

  • john

hi , does anyone know if its possible to upgrade software/firmware of k750i to w800i? as i own a k750i but i want the phone to be able to listen to music when off. is it possible?

  • Anonymous