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  • allan

Hi TechSavvy, would appreciate if you could tell me in step-by-step on where/what to download/upgrade the java application b4 the upgrading the k750i software from S.E. I am not a techsavvy guy, so would really appreciate your help. thank you very much in advance

  • TechSavvy

To those who comlpain about the signal strength. Upgrade the f---ng software in the phone and you will sighnificantly improve it. But first install the latest version of the JAVA at to be able to handle the former task.
P.S. My ultimate opinion is that the phone is for the most part for those in Europe-the don`t need a quad-band phone. But here in the States as long as at GSM the 850 Mhz is reqired and it`s missing in it.

  • TechSavvy

Just now I descovered a panorama feature in the K750i camera and already tried it. It`s amazing:after each of three shots it shows you where you are supposed to place a camera to continue the frame and ultimately after all three shots you have a perfect panorama picture. You don`t even have to pay for the program that`s available to handle such task! WOW!.

  • pableo

To those piss off and insecure with the post being noted by the samsung lovers regarding SAMSUNG D600, do not be because we have not said anything against SE K750i with that post.We are just telling all SE lovers that D600 can be a great competitor and you may have the options to choose which phone fits your preferences.

But today I may comment about the camera thing. D600 camera produces "PERFECTG VIDEO QUALITY, take note "video" and not "photo". Regarding photo, it is at standard quality with good color rendetion using the 2M pixel cam WITHOUT EXTRA FEATURES like "AUTOFOCUS AND MACRO whatever features". What I am saying is if SE K750i don't have those extra "FEATURES" does it's camera produces the same as D600 quality when SE k750i screen is inferior with the D600s screen? I do not think so because K750i produces better "PHOTO" quality than the D600's is just because of its added features (AUTOFOCUS etc.) and not because of lens used. thanks

  • Kamran

I encountered difficulties with upgrading as well. I was out of camera for 3 days, but after several attempts finally I could manage to upgrade mine. I think the system of upgrading in the website is not proper enough & as I mentioned days ago I think if people feel no SW related problem with their phone and/or are not sure about the band width of their internet connection should not try to upgrade their phone.

  • Kamran

I checked that item on ebay. I think it worths trying. I have no access to buy that through web, otherwise I would do that. Instead I'm going to try 3.5 mm audio adapter which would be available here to connect the phone to my Hi-Fi.

  • Kamran

Check your battery. Remove & re-insert it or try it on other devices. It's compatible with some other models like K600, Z520 & W800.

  • Kamran

You see TheOne&OnlyDazz?
Again I'm censored. I wish I knew why.
I just want the Arena knows that the reason I'm here is that people in this forum made a good help to me to make a decision to buy this phone and I am happy with that. So I'm trying to payback and help people who are confused or have a problem with their phone (if I can)

  • Beth

Please help!! My K750 died today after only a month! I switched it off and when I tried to switch on again it wouldnt - nor does it respond when I try and charge it. Any ideas?

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K750 hands down! i have literally fiddled with both phones at the same time, and you can't compare. no point in justifying, it's been justified by many users of this forum already.

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hmm.. probably a question for SE rather, oops..

i reckon it's firmware..

oh, and before i depart, just some advice:
don't f$@% with your joystick too much -- mine is slowly dying. ie. DON'T PLAY PACMAN!

  • jay

DO NOT UPGRADE FIRMWARE!!!...ok sure the reception gets better and the quality of vid is better as well but alot of ppl are having problems with file transfer using usb..those of you who upgraded have u tried transferring multiple files to your mem stick using usb?..if your lucky it will work well..but if not it will appear that every mp3 file went thru on ur window but then unplug it and check your phone for the files you just will be gone..this is a serious problem..any feedback??

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okay this is a difficult question, hope someone out there can answer it..

my gprs works well, however i can't use jmIrc (java irc client) or any other java application trying to access the internet. i know somebody who lives by me with the same phone and same provider, and he has no problems. i've tried every possible setting, and spoken to my provider, all to no avail.

today i bought a sim card from a different provider, and set up gprs on it. gprs works, but i have the same problem with jmIrc. however, on this new sim card, i get an error message (which is hopeful). this is what it says:

"Could not connect:­n:"

anyone know what the hell that is?

  • Stefan

In case you wanna upgrade soft. to W800 just go to Support site and folow the steps to upload a new software,in this case W800!!!Tell me when you do that!

  • kirtan

its a real good phone i like it irrespective of any 1s comment its a great phone

  • Nix_Hit

I have been using the 750i for the past 4 days . Now i undetstand y u guys keep cribbin bout the signal strength and speaker volume.
There is definite cracking of voice and low signal strength. Many of you guys have suggested the use of a signal booster.
1)Does a Signal Booster really help?
2)Is It against the warranty to use one?
3)Can the authorised SE service centre guys
find out that a signal booster has been used on the phone?
Waitin for ur reply guys . Otherwise the phone is the envy of everyone at work.

  • James Robert

Here comes the fun! Now you really can have good pictures on the move and all other mobile stuff. Then using a software tool like Mobiledit you can manage all your phone content and fully use the capabilities of the phone.

  • jordon

Someone please help i cant seem to get any service on my k750 someone please email me soon?

  • Leebesh

Gr8 Phone..K750i.. Is there any other media player application for K750i ?

  • Arzamond

battery life is great!
i open the media player and listen my mp3s.. comfortable. the player's volume is nice and loud. then i try switch to fm-radio and...
the volume DESTROYING my ears !!

gah! is there any way to balancing media player and fm-radio's volume? (i mean, to listen mp3 and radio -with same loudness- without changing the right-side volume button everytime?)

sorry my english is real baad...