Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • tgif

This phone is GREAT ,play MP3 MP4 ,video recording,2MP camara ,bluetooth,etc.everything is perfect excep 2 thing I dont like.
1: the reception antenna is very POOR ,something I cannot received calls,or make a call
2.the phone charger system.after 1 week ,phone's charger system got rusty ,It wont charger the phone until I clean it .

I had a v800 before ,had the same problem with the K750i.
I suggest the SONY ERICSSON STAFF should do something about this problem.

  • Kirsty

plz can any one help me.. i want to put mp3s on my phone (k750i) but dont know how to?? :S! i plug the usb cable in but it doesnt do anything!! help will be much appreciated?? thx xx

  • Lino

I do not use my phone as an ornament, I use it as a phone and as a multimedia device.

If one wants an ornament, buy a necklace, a ring or some earrings...

  • Dana

xCute DV2 has a very ugly design...
the camera design looks like drill :D

  • Lino

SE Supporter: I don't use my phone to watch movies... I use my DVD player at home to watch them!

I use my camphone to take pictures and to record videos, when I am with my friends, or when I see unusual stuff going on. FOr example, last week I saw a police car chase, used my DV1 phone to record it right when it was happening with DVD quality and after that I sold the footage to a local TV station and made some money ($500).

Now, if I had a K750, would I be able to sell the footage filmed with K750's POOR quality video to the TV station? NOPE!!

You said you like cell phones to be used as so. I think it doesn't hurt if, besides a phone, it also packs some extras...

So, you keep your 750, I keep my DV2... Afterall, why should I prefer the K750 to the DV2?

  • SE Supporter

Dah.. who the hell wanna always use a handphone to look at movies... mostly used for pics , mp3s , mms n sms n maybe games lol i really wanna laugh at ppl who use handphones to watch a short clip , wtf its so stupid.. i rather buy the DVD n go home watch it nice , clear n BIG..

  • angelo

i relly like this phone of all camera phones...hope SE gave it 2 me 4 free...hopefullyhehehe...nice job SE!!!

plzzz...make more phones with a super high quality digital camera...more power!!!


  • shane

The Sony Ericsson K750i is the best phone on the market! It has the best quality camera, can easily have a 2gb memory stick, plays mp3's like a dream and has the best loud speaker around. Video is also a real plus.

  • Alex

This fone is jus the greatest after the sharp 903 +902!u can just flash it to w800 than u have a w800 for a price of a k750!save u hell of alot!the feature is jus awesome!the camera is 2nd place behind sharp!

  • javid

Is the last firmware R1N035 for SE K750i?
Have used it anyone?
What is its advantages?

  • captain jack sparrow

mate....follow your heart not you head. i think that every body agree that SE is better than nokia. expecially the feature and the quallity. savvy....

  • Anonymous

by default, this phone takes video for mms
so, length is limited because of limited size
u can change it to high quality video by
going to the option and change it..
Then, the length is the max of the memory

  • nix

Along craigs line of questioning (dont wana start a war). I have been an avid nokia user for the past 8 years.
My head is for the Nokia 6680/81 ,
My HEART for the SE K750i. The features are awesome.
Cant Decide.
Pleeeeeeeeseeee HELLLLLLPPPPPPP.

  • TechSavvy

The phone is awesome, but it lacks GSM 850 on which T-Mobile and Cingular operate best here in the States. And it sucks, without that frequency the phone doesn`t have a very good signal and it tends to get lost with going underground or behind any wall. I know that the first SE quand band phone is coming soon-w600, but it doesn`t have same resolution camera...

  • Craig


I'm not looking to fuel any Nokia/Sony is best debates, but i'd like to know, if any one can tell me is the video recording on the k750 superior to a Nokia 6230i? I have the latter and i'm not impressed.

Also, on the k750 can the fonts be changed and saved? or do u have to do it manually everytime you send a text still? like i used to have too on a previous k300? (the default font was tiny, stick letters)


  • MAX

does anyone out there know how to stop video recording length resrictionon the k750i? on k700i it was possible to record as long as you wished, memory permiting. other than issue a top phone!

  • dj_ashtray

Of couse SE couldn't include EDGE and 3G on this mobile. That wouldn't be fair for other brand. If SE include this featurings in its mobile, the word "pefection" would be replaced by "k750". Just Imagine: Good-bye to nokia ;-). SE again did it.

  • Dana

how to upgrade my firmware?

  • @DoUL

Check this link for info. about firmwares

Yes you can search the contacts up to 10 letters not only 1.
Yes too you can set mp3 as a sms tone.

  • GTR

Hey..can anyone tell me if the K750's phone book the same as the S700i where wen u search, it's only the first letter and u can't type in the whole name?

and to all the K750 users out there, can u use the mp3's as ur SMS tone n' not just ring tones?

thanx alot!!