Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • Dana

is it true that the k750's mp3 sound quality as good as ipod quality?

  • dave

I have had this fone for 1 week now, and i have got to say its is amazing, the sound quality in very good better than the d500 and the camera is great to i have got a 1gb memory card in itand it can video record for longer than an hour

  • droc

having trouble searching for a specific contact.. for example, if i wanted to call "jerry" i would normally press the 5 key onece for "j" and then the 3 key twice for "E" and so on and so forth.

what seems to be happening is that when i search for the next letter in the name.. it will act as if that's the first letter i inputed and using my example, it will jump to the contacts starting with "E",

another problem i'm having is that everytime i turn my phone off/on my shortcuts menu will be reset.

any ideas? thanks a lot

  • kytra

Deadman, the sound of the camera can be turned of if u put the phone on silent mode, I got the same problem taking spy pictures so I found out the above

  • Matthew Braid

Billy Bob, you dont get a CD for Mac OS, but when you plug the phone in to the USB Mac recognises the memory card as a drive, which files can be transferred for use on the phone.

Mac OS 10.4 allows syncronisation through iSync and address book contacts.

Hope this helps, matty10010_1

  • Kamran

After a 2 week survey on different sources (mostly on internet) I got the phone last night. I had not enough time to explore it carefully and the only thing that I can surely say is that the style is superb. It has a such a placid design that I guess will not be boring after a long period of usage. I got a Z200 before that is know becuse of its design, but I liked that of K750 more.
It is much more cute when you take it in hand rather than images peolpe see around. Specially keypad's backlight is too cool.

  • tinusxxx

Hi guys

Im also a south african,thinkin on getting me the k750 this coming week.Great phone!

  • jrman

To record 30 minutes:
Open the camera go to video mode Click "Settings"
Scroll to "SHOOT MODE"
change "For picture message" to-> "High Quality Video"
then scroll to "SAVE TO," then check "Memory Stick"

  • widget

Nite, you sound south african.."swak" are you? i thought i was the only person here with a K750 :p -- where did you get that protective film?

does anyone use a body glove for their phone? (or whatever it's called) -- i'd hate to cover it but sometimes i'm scared it's gonna get scratched!

  • Bard

As far as i'm concern, K750 only can play movies with 3GPP file only.Am I thru?

I cannot play with winamp media file type.If yes, how to convert from winamp file to 3GPP file thru handphone or pc.

I need help....tyvm

  • Bard

Can anybody teach me how to play mp3 without switch on the phone?

  • deadman

This phone is great. A complete package with a 2MP camera, the sound quality is very good.. My only complaint is that the sound when taking a picture cant be turned off and its has no 3G function.. The picture quality is as good as a digi cam, and works as a perfect mp3 player with is stunning sound.

To the person who asked how long can a vidoe record, it depends on your memory.. For me, its exceeds 3mins, which is good enough for me.

  • jB

As I can see,there is also someone with my name(JB).i'm jB and not JB.So people,be careful to who you answer!!

  • Whistler_15

This phone is great! But can anyone tell me for shure how long can it do a video? I'm looking forward to buying one and I must know this feature

  • jB

Original jamaican:
I disagree with you.As far as I know SE phones has very good build quality.Especially,T610 that you have mention and also k700 (my previus phone)are very very compact and well built phones.On the other hand,most of Nokia phones look like toys,and when you keep them in your hands you feel as if they are unscrew.About the signal also disagree.I have read some tests in magazines that shows that nokia phones are somewhere in the middle and that SE phones are better.But the award for the best signal in Europe is for Alcatel!
K750 is a nice phone but there is no 3g.I have a v800 and I'm very happy with it.
Thank you.
I'm waiting for your comments.

  • Billy bob

Just about to buy this phone but before i do can anyone tell me, do you get a cd with it so it can plug into my mac (Operating System OSX), as i dont have a PC!

  • Matthew

JB personally i think the W800 & K750i are better looking, mainly because if a phone is too flexible (the N90) it will get annoying e.g. the swivel camera that could easily break if pulled and also the desing is just boring...and also the SE's are simple looking and stylish at the same time, to me they look unique and ordinary at the same time!

  • JB

Features of this phone may rock. But do you guys really think this phone is stylish? In Europe, these type of no-cover phones are popular. And in Asia, flip phones are popular. Sony Ericsson V800 looks much better than this or W800. Speaking of style, Nokia N90 is the BEST-looking. Opinions?

  • Arjun

I've gotta agree AJAX.i got a 1GB high speed pro duo for ky k750 and well haven't touched my ipod in a this phone!!!

  • AJAX

This phone rocks...size,screen,camera...all awesome..its a winner...and the audio quality...for some reason i prefer it to my ipod mini...suppose the w800 is as good but i find this guy better looking