Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • Burim

Yes its true when you conect your phone with USB cable with PC the phones batery charges.

  • Mojako

Question please: If I am connected with the USB cable to my laptop, is it true that is was charging when connected to USB?

  • Amano

Thanks DoUL, it's the answer I wanted to hear! :)

  • Dominic

I have few questions listed below for SE K750i:
1) What is the video recording duration of this phone by default.
2)Can we record songs from radio to the phone memory and how fine it works is so
3)How is the sound quality after video record shooting
4)Some say there is problem with the missed doesn't remain on the screen for long and we have to check it manually.

You may e-mail me at

Regards Dominic

  • @DoUL

Yes it has been solved ... As when you have a missed call, e-mail, sms, mms or even a voice mail an icon stays next to the clock at the screen saver notifies you that you've a missed action.

  • Amano

Hi all,

I'm looking to get a D750 but since this phone is more a less identicle and more people have it, I'll post here.
This phone has great features and performance but I can't buy it unless it has better missed call and new message notification.
On the T630 a missed call will stay on the display for maybe 5 mins, then the screensaver will come on and all you can see is the time. I have a Nokia 6230 which does the same but it has an icon next to the time to show that you have a missed call/new message.
Can someone tell me if SE have fixed this as it's very annoying to be manually checking the phone for missed calls :(

  • Carl

The phone is very good, but the contact to the handsfree fits loosely. Needs a new construction.

  • Anonymous

i have seen so many people trying to compare btw this K750 with W800, W800 with N90, it seems like they are the best phone in the market today. If any one of you actually read the users opinion for each phone, you will see that in K750's forum, Nokia's fan try to convince that N90 is better than K750 or W800 and in N90's forum SE's fan try to convince that K750 or W800 is better than N90.. pretty funny though.. check it out

  • tom

does anyone know why it says service supported: object push file transfer when you to my devices,been trying to connect to other phones and look at the files, i could do it on the k700 this phone wont let me wit the bluetooth

  • Makis

I bought this phone 3 weeks ago, the phone is PERFECT,but the battery its not so good. I have to charge it every day, does anyone have this problem too?

Im transfering mp3's from pc to phone, with the SE cable, but the speed is slow. Is there a way to make the transfer faster?


  • Simon Kobel

SonYEericSson: you definitely know what customers want and need! I've been a proud owner of a black K750i since June 20th, 2005. This phone is indeed a blast! I can recommend it to everyone - without restrictions! ;-)
And with the brandnew W800 they even topped themselves...

  • Ashutosh

Someone please tell me as to how to copy sms messages on to the sim card in a Sony Ericsson k750i phone. If not then how to sync it and copy it on to the pc so that i can transfer it to another sony ericsson phone. please advise and email me at this is really urgent. thanks.


I'm looking at this phone as a possible purchase. I have an SE S710a that I couldn't be more unhappy with. The kid in the phone store sold me on it. Sitting in my office at work, the reception comes and goes just from swiveling in my chair.

Have they done anything to improve the reception. The OS is also extremely slow, you can type in mutiple numbers as part of the call you're about to make, and then you have to sit there while the numbers populate the screen. Lastly the swivel design seemed to be an afterthought. It feels like within a year it'll be in pieces. For a $400 phone, it left quite a bit to be desired, I read this forum and the rave reviews about the S710, so I'm now pretty leary of buying in to the hype of this phone. Both Samsung (D600) and Nokia (6270) have phones to compete with this phone. I'm going to make sure I don't get BS'd in to buying in a hurry next time, and make sure I don't blow another $400.

Thank you.

  • L77

i used this phone bot one month already.. so far so good... but it always can't open the video clips those receive from other model mobile like nokia.. this make it not so good... its function can't run fast and always will hang and can't move although it still have many free memories. then you should take out the battery and restart your mobile. bout the digital camera, it can take photo very clear. but when you want edit your photo... the cliparts and frame is not really nice and just a little bit only. it's not enough...

  • Billy

i use this phone hor about a week now. my general opinion is that its great! its got nice features, the weight is nice, the phones colour is beaytifull and the display crispy enough. what astonished me is the battery life! i use this phone as a toll for my work and therefore i speak almost 3 hours a day. with this kind of use the phone battery lasted for 3 3 and a half day!! when my ex phones (nokia 8800, qtek s100, nokia 6230i) batteries lasted 1 day, 2 days and 3 days each.
about the minuses now. the menu is a bit difficult is some parts of it yet this is not a big problem. the most frustrating thing though are the squechy noises the phone makes! k750 is the most unsolid constructional phone i ve ever had(except moto v80). thats a real shame cause its really a agood phone in general. and the squechy noises dont appear only at my phone but at my friends aswell

  • john

is there aim on this phone?

  • Ivy

Hi ALL...
I am confusing about which mobile should i buy for... Im planning to buy K750 but my mine still stuck at nokia 6680... Im sick about buying such mobile... Could anyone give help???

Thanks in advance,

  • rise'

.mp4 and .gp for the videos. I dunno if there
is other audio file it can play other than mp3. I used only mp3 anyway.


iam also gonna get this phone.the features are trully great and very much useful to the user who really knows how to make fulluse of it.fantastic work,state-of-the-art and powerful tool for a user.hooray for se. :)

  • ANN

hey ppl,

i just wanna know what audio and video format does the phone support?..

please let me knw