Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • Anonymous

Nice one mcMR. Seriously nobody cares if you dont like the phone.

  • Charles

Can you search the phone book by pressing the first and second letter like nokia?

  • zeeshan

good phone, but due to back shape, it will be quite unhappy situation by putting it on table, or other surfaces.. caz' the back camera silver color would be scratched... my opinion is that leave this phone and look at the Alcatel OT-S853.. and then finalize your buy !

  • Anonymous

I have this SE K750i & Samsung D508 ... D508 is a great phone, this K750i is awesome !

  • Moe

Speak for yourself dreamygirl. I had the k700i and the s700i. Considering the size and features this is a great fone. And this fone froze 3 times on me in the last 3 weeks. I use the fone a lot though. If i am not using it my friends look at it and take pictures. This fone is awesome. I am really sry dreamgirl u dont like the fone.

  • DreamyGirl

I repeat! DONT BUY THIS PHONE!!! The features may be good, but this phone doesnt work well! this phone is not standard. The first days that you have this phone, it amazes you when you see nice things in it, but after one week everything freezes and you will realize what big mistake you made by buying that!!! The speaker is terrible!! No sound at all!!! 3 weeks after buying this phone something about aerial burnt. My suggestion is to buy one of these phones: SE P910, Nokia 6630 or Nokia 6680. I have SE P910 and Nokia 6630. Both are reaaaaaaally amazing! I love both of them. I have not had Samsung D500 but I have heard its fine too.

  • Jesus

The only major problem I faced with the k750i was it's photo saving capabilities, meaning; you don't get the pic you originally desired (either it's out of focus or your object is not patient enough).

Tip: Try to remain still when in camera mode. In that way, your pictures (even if not the desired one), will still be in focus.

Other than this, k750i promises everything it says... :)

  • Shaun

This phone is amazing, expecially for its size. But being that i am a cingular customer and it does not carry 850 mhz, i will just go cry in a dark corner because i will never be able to get this phone. Why me......

  • fone dude

why won't SE make this phone with 850MHz? 1900 only doesn't cut it in the U.S. and the other phones suck.

  • zgodly

Hey guys, the freezing is a firmware problem and needs an upgrade. it can be done from this site­=en&ver=4001&template=ps1_1_3_2&zone=ps&lm=ps1_1­&pid=10242
open it with IE and almost everything is automatic. just follow the instructions given. it takes about 20 min on a mainstream machine and broadband connection.

  • Manish

Hello Peeps

I'm contemplating buying a Nokia 6230i or the K750.....pls advise which one should i go for as I just cannot make the decision.

  • T

to make the video longer go to settings while on video and then shoot mode and then choose high quality video

  • reece

Finally got this phone with Orange after my dissapoiting start with O2.

Can anyone advise me if you can make the length of the videos longer ?, away this weekend but would someone be willing to email me, thanks Reece

Thanks guys

  • bill

stiffler...did you get your phone from coulsdon(after recieving a text) by any chance cos my d750i didnt come with its free toothbrush?think its a skam so beware every1!

  • Stiffler

I was told when i got this phone it had two massive pickle camera, yet i have not recieved my massive pickles! can anyone help?

  • Mogge

What is the deal with win98? Does it word well with that?

  • dj

If the freeze problem is just a firmware upgrade then i guess it doesn't really matter but if it involves the hardware itself then i would suggest not to buy this phone now and wait untill sony fix it on the next production line of this model

  • John

Is the screen in K750 the same as W800? What about the sound quality in its onboard speaker? Is it better than Motorola E398? Pls tell me. Thanks!

  • ms

hi i wanted to upgrade my nokia 7610 and buy one of the 2 SE phones the k750i or w800i and i dont know which one to choose and when is the w800i will be available.plz reply.

  • Anonymous

I work for a mobile telephone compant and this sony ericsson keeps freezing, it requires a software upgrade which you can get through your service providers store