Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • Becwa

helen it wo 49.99 on 25 a monthh and 99.99 on lower!!!

free on 30 or above

  • Yegor

This phone is costed about 440 euros in the Russia. We are waiting for decrease.


All of you....I have lots of strings of messages below...i'm tired of answering all your questions....

  • zgodly

lively doesnt mean better. true to the scene taken is more important. and GSM Arena did their own test with the N6630 and K750 and they found K750's pics better. :)

  • Rahul

hi dudes!!
i'm right now having Nokia6230i,which i've got bored's nice but has a lot of limitations.i'm planning to exchange it 4 SEk750i.
plz tell me how's the network strength,calling/recieving calls clarity as they're a must for a cell phone to be gud.
thanks in guide me properly whether i shud go for k750i or s710i.

  • JP

This phone is great. Although you might need to upgrade the firware if you have some bugs (like the screen freezes etc...). I've got a Sandisk 1 gb memory stick duo pro card in it. It does not slow down the phone whatsoever. Picture quality is brill ! MP3 player is fab. Radio reception could be better when you are on the move. Otherwise it's ok when you walk in the street. That's it.


yOur right! but my friend compared the phone to 6680's 1.3 on a PC... it seems that the quality of resolution is more lively than k750

  • Waqaas

Well this is really a Fantastic Phone. Very competitively Priced. The only two drawbacks are no EDGE available and I can't seem to install New software or Games on the mobile. By the way, the Review given by Marek Lutonský in which he says camera shutter sound can't be turned off is wrong. It gets turned off when the phone is switched to silent mode.


I am really K750i doesn't hang...huh

  • mojako

well...that is around 21thousand pesos here in the philippines. I think, price is dropping according to crowd...wait for atleast a month if you want to get it the cheapest...but if you are not as poor as I am...grab it!

  • razyel_dark_angel

can u tel me how much this phone costs in your contrys? in romania is 320 euro, is that a good price?


well, both are great phones...but they don't have the same price since the w800 has huge external memory...512mb

  • jane kin

Which mobile is a better choice the se k750i or the se w800i

  • mojako

rayzel....they are not the same...totally different...stick duo and mmc are different.

  • razyel_dark_angel

can anywone tell me , if the MMC memori card works on this phone? is it the same as the memori stik duo pro? or what kind of card's work!!
please help!!
i don't realy now


it's because of it's memory capacity...that's's up to your taste since they both have the same feature...

  • razyel_dark_angel

today's best phone,but can anywone tel me if the w800i is beter? if so why?


Samurai, please see set of strings will see that your question had been answered a lot of times already

  • samurai

I can take only 30sec. video on my new K750, how can I change it to be longer?

  • mojako

nice one nikolas...wait, you told me you've been using it for a month, have you tried to shut off the camera shutter when capturing photos?