Sony Ericsson K750

Sony Ericsson K750

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  • Si Dude

People are saying that the CMOS sensor will change it a CCD sensor soon as CCD have less noise under low light conditions!

  • Si Dude

LM lol, if you know what the c and I is you should know! One is just especialy for chinease but same ssoftware as the international one which is for msot lauguages! Chinease are differnt to anywhere else and have their own special version for their country to work in but nothing else is differnt between the international ones than the chinease!

  • Anand

Anyone staying in DUBAI
help with me with the price of k750???
a SIM verison.

and is it worth waiting for SE W800 or is this a better option.


  • Hakim

NineY AND Ammar , yeah ur rite they r all made in china but heyy almost everything in UAE r chinese made so i dont think we ll get any other made such as made in france like p910 but it still worth to buy for 14500 drhm and k750 is exlnt phone camera is also good although it used CMOS matrix but 2 megapixel is cool radio and mp3 player which also works in background and Ammar we only hav e ETISALAT in uae. well ETISALAT is ok i mean still gsm no 3g yet but will be soon hopefully

  • who88

Can you zoom 4x at 2megapixel?

  • kin

guys which is better? k750i or w800i??? are they just the same?

  • raymond

Hi Monny
Certainly it is possible to view the photos taken by the phone w/o installing the s/w. What you need to view the photos in pc is just a card reader.

  • SE

SE K750i costs B$878.00 in Brunei :)

  • slkpwr

@ Spice10!!

what to do you mean by CMOS will change to CCD? is this software change or hardware? that would suck for the first ones who got the phone if this is a hardware change.

  • henry

yes. it has a loop for neck strap, it's at the bottom right.

  • LM

Si Dude: I know this part about "C" and "i", man. What I want to know is about any technical specification difference between them. In other words, why did they release K750c and K750i, what makes "i" more international than "C"?
Thanks anyway dude.

  • Shi

hi. can someone tell me if this has a loop for a neck strap on it?

  • Si Dude

The K750 is what the phone is caulled but the K750i means internation and k750c means chinease version! Don't get confused by Nokia's i bit as that means an upgraded and improved mobile one where on SE phones they just mean if it is international or chinease version!

  • Si Dude

Basickly CMOS has more noise in photo's especialy under low light conditions and uses less power! CCD has hardly any noise and in low light conditions which makes the photo clearer bu uses more power!

  • NineY

Hakim,i live in UAE too and all the k750 here made in china! is this all the available now? or they are going to release any other made? i saw a malaysian k700 and a japanese S700
so any one can tell me is this the available in all the other countries or not?

  • Ammar

Hakim, where did you buy your SE K750 in Dubai for 1450 drhm??? Are you happy with the phone and the ETISALAT?

  • den

the only problem i seem to have with mine is when i record on either high quality or low which is meant to be 10 second's mine still run's longer then 10 second's and there is no difference in the quality if set to high..any else with the phone had this????

  • NineY

Can any one tell me what is the difference between CMOS and CCD lens and which one is better?

  • Si Dude

SIlver isn't availbe anywhere yet but will be out hopefully soon!

  • alexa

so far k750 in indonesia is only available in black.
is silver the limited version?
does anyone know?