Sony Ericsson K770

Sony Ericsson K770

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  • lavania
  • fIU
  • 04 Aug 2021

still remember the beginning of 2008, I had enough money to buy a phone, in my mind there are two phone models, namely the sony k770 and another nokia 6120c, finally I chose the nokia 6120c

    • J
    • Joseph
    • vx6
    • 14 Jul 2021

    I just bought one from ebay, and i really like it. I am amazed with it's display, super nice color for a small screen. And it's super cute. I'm glad i still found one

      • D
      • DrYBT
      • KIj
      • 23 Jan 2021

      What a phone it was. Back in 2007 with a 3-megapixel camera which was better than many smartphone cameras nowadays. The camera features that this phone had were way ahead of its time. A week agao I found the phone in a storage box and I charged and turned it on, it is still working. Though I lost the M2 memory card, but I am using this phone to teach my daughter basic photography.

        This was my second phone

          • W
          • Whelly
          • mNC
          • 06 Nov 2019

          I want it

            The LCD isn't even 2" yet the resolution is 240x320.

            Most unique LCD I've ever seen on a phone. The pixel density is unusually high (for a feature phone).

              • D
              • AnonD-755436
              • ajQ
              • 20 May 2018

              loved this phone. best experience during my college time :)

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                • max
                • pmH
                • 18 Feb 2018

                anonymous, 02 Oct 2017I miss my sony ericsson k770iI don't miss mine, because it still works perfectly:)

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                  • enggar aji
                  • thu
                  • 17 Dec 2017

                  best phone ever, for Games absolutely wkwkkkk LOL

                    • Z
                    • ZI
                    • sxr
                    • 09 Dec 2017

                    is there any available casing of this phone til now?i have this kind of phone but the keypad and casing has run out but still functioning.

                      • a
                      • anonymous
                      • tu6
                      • 02 Oct 2017

                      K770i soon fix, 26 Jun 2017I also love this phone.My brother broke it and I am gonna f... moreI miss my sony ericsson k770i

                        • K
                        • K770i soon fix
                        • JA{
                        • 26 Jun 2017

                        AnonD-517212, 30 May 2017I've had this phone since 2007, and I'm still using it, 10 ... moreI also love this phone.My brother broke it and I am gonna fix it in two days.I now that it's 2017 but I am still love this phones.I hate people who hate these incredible phones.

                          • ?
                          • Anonymous
                          • Sjt
                          • 01 Jun 2017

                          Best phone ever.
                          I had one since 2007 last month it died.
                          No one is making a phone like this any more. This was a real phone perfect for travelers 3 to 4 days battery and all over the world range with quad band an 3G front and rear cammera to make video calls with family,
                          excelent quality that no one makes any more.
                          This was a phone first and also a cammera todays phones are cammera first and then a phone.
                          The only thing that was missing was wifi.
                          I wonder why ericson is not trying to make phones again to show the world what is quality.

                            • D
                            • AnonD-517212
                            • 83c
                            • 30 May 2017

                            I've had this phone since 2007, and I'm still using it, 10 years later! I've never had any problems with it, and it's never been broken. It's definitely the best phone I've
                            ever had, and I've had MANY cell phones AND smartphones, since my first phone back in 1993 (Ericsson GH197). This phone was manufactured when quality was still more important than quantity!

                              • D
                              • AnonD-517212
                              • 83c
                              • 30 May 2017

                              dansti, 25 Feb 2017Still have that phone, bought it on contract with my provid... more2005? But K770i wasn't released until August 2007? I pre-ordered the phone (summer of 2007), and I received it a couple of days before it was released in the stores. I've never had any problems with it, and I'm still using it! It's definitely the best phone I've ever had, and I have had many cellphones/smartphones over the years.

                                • d
                                • dansti
                                • Rp7
                                • 25 Feb 2017

                                Still have that phone, bought it on contract with my provider in 2005...still in function....Besides of Ericsson R320, definitely best phone I ever had.....

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                                  • AnonD-645629
                                  • teX
                                  • 18 Feb 2017

                                  The best quality phone I have ever used.This phone has awesome best sound quality earphones, cannot compare this sound quality with new smartphone devices.

                                    • A
                                    • Ayyaz Khan
                                    • sR4
                                    • 17 Feb 2017

                                    This mobile camera better than Sumsung Galaxy S3 and 25000 thounsand range Smart Phones.

                                      • ?
                                      • Anonymous
                                      • t7X
                                      • 12 Dec 2016

                                      liza, 29 Oct 2015I like this phone where can I buy , I have been using it an... moreThe best phone,where can I buy like this phone here in the phillippines( Davao city)

                                        • ?
                                        • Anonymous
                                        • rAM
                                        • 14 Nov 2016

                                        neyo, 03 May 2015can sony ericsson k770 use whatsapp?No