Sony Ericsson K800

Sony Ericsson K800

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  • Fubarus

I am sad this phone no longer works in the US as it is 3G only.

  • Raj U.

Jameden, 09 Mar 2019This phone had the BEST camera overall in 2006! It is really imp... moreI agree.

This phone had the BEST camera overall in 2006! It is really impressive!

i still have mine,
solid performer and i used to love spanking other phones crappy LED night photos with my xenon
good times :)

  • م&#157

Markaxel, 30 Dec 2018It was the best phone I had. The camera was better then my Olym... moreIt was very good especially with night pic.

  • Markaxel

It was the best phone I had.
The camera was better then my Olympus with 5Mp. (I sold it, when I start use K800).
This phone has so many good options and features, I love it.

The camera of this phone is comparable to digital cameras of the time

Anonymous, 28 Feb 2006Doesn't tell you what the inbuilt memory capacity is or if it co... moreIt does.

  • Babis

I have it since the same year was out ... was in use for about one year, then updated to p1i ... i took out the k800i of the cabinet, charge it after so many years & still works ... the battery seems has not lost too much power (about 11+ years ago) was 4 days at stand by with an expired sim (need sim to work) but my guess if i was charging it for an other 3-4 cycles will perform better stand by ...
i think these polymer batteries are the best because the li-ion was almost dead to similar old phones will not last more than a day (still expired sim inserted to them)

  • Deb

Prices at the time seem to be missing?

  • Sajid

Wonderful phone. I have it from 2007 and still working. I just change battery 1 time only...

  • AnonD-664188

I soo love this phone, used to own 2 of this. The first one got lost in the mall foodcourt. I didn't hesitated to buy another one the following day cause it feels like I waz incomplete without it. 2nd one i left it in the taxi. I handed this kind of phone for like merely 5yrs.

Very awesome camera during those days, elite phone i must say versus nokia.
Now I've switched to iPhones.

  • watashimeandeu

I have it since 2006. Working like a charm every 24/7.

  • SNooPy

I have this phone 10 years! It is still correct and functional. One of the best phone ever!

  • Henrik

One of my all time favorite cell phone. Have so many great moments with it. Used it for several years. A classic!

  • Ross

This phone lasted me 7 years. Great phone, shame today with the technology we have, phones seem to only last 2-4 years at best

  • milla

the best mobile phone in the world at the time, i still use it together with my smart phones,the camera,the games,the short cuts, oh my God....

  • Asif

My First and Best Mobile. which is based on java platform and runs multiple application at ones. It Had a 3.2 mega pixel camera, I captured my 4 years of life with that.

  • tom

when sony ericsson sell really seriously phone

  • AnonD-569037

The best feature : Cyber-shot [Camera]