Sony Ericsson K810

Sony Ericsson K810

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  • non

had one of this but I lost the battery haha
but this shit is really a good one! especially the camera

  • Danny

Jaiden, 14 Feb 2019The battery life is BEYOND abysmal for what I expected from a fe... moreI'm sorry but you are wrong! Battery last 1 week easy! Great phone and great camera and great audio with the right headphones! Buy a new battery man! Re soft it with far manager if you have trouble with it! Perfect Sony ericsson camera phone!

The battery life is BEYOND abysmal for what I expected from a feature phone! It was at ~70% but then decided not to shut down the phone. 2 hours later, it's at 30%! Nothing going on in the background! What the heck?! This is awful! The only way to preserve the battery is to shut the entire phone down!

Moral of the story is, if you're looking for a feature phone with actually GOOD battery life, stay as FAR AWAY from the Sony Ericsson K810i as possible and look for better alternatives! I will be returning this phone later to get another phone with (hopefully) better battery life.

Wait, what the...? This phone doesn't support .AAC file format!

rana, 29 Nov 2018dear sir i have this model i like this too much but this phone ... moreYou can check on ebay for the phones housing. It can be replaced if you're handy, it's not that difficult to do. Look for a complete original/genuine housing, official Sony Ericsson product. They fit 100%, imitation frames might not fit well.

  • rana

dear sir i have this model i like this too much but this phone body is broken i want this body can this posbel

This is the epitome of weird. Literally.

The d-pad looks cool and is very eye catching

  • AnonD-125700

Ameer, 18 Apr 2017I forgot my pin ,How can i unlock my k 810?you can unlock it with se2tool lite. generating quick acess patch, flash it, then flash sim unlock remover for your firmware.

  • Atlas

My high-school sweet-heart phone. Stopped using it in favor of an iPhone 4.
Stolen by construction employees, thinking of getting another one.

  • Ameer

I forgot my pin ,How can i unlock my k 810?

  • Me too

Been using this since 07, looks like it needs a new battery this year or the next one.

Used to charge it once a week, now this has gone to twice a week.

Other than that no problems, nothing at all, mostly it was used as phone and camera, no games and such, no texting.

I think I better stick to this at least until it gets 10 years old, don't think I can find similar life expectancy whatever phone I might buy next.

  • Govind

i am also using it from last 7 years & its also working till now in good condition...

  • jim

this phone of mine was lost, it lasted for more than a year, and it's really reliable

  • ss

I'm also

  • Shakatak

Am still using it now even though I've got an android fone. Great fone very sturdy and reliable.

  • Anonymous

I'm also using this phone. It's great.

  • guru

User here, 30 Mar 2015still using this one.. :)Am also buddy

  • Ravi

Can I get full housing panel

  • User here

still using this one.. :)