Sony Ericsson K850

Sony Ericsson K850

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  • ooo lala.

i currently own a w910i
would it be great if i switch to k850i?
i love my w910i bec it made me to need not of an ipod.
but do u think it would be great to switch to a cam phone from a music phone? thanks a bunch all..

  • allan

@dani. Do you think when you hold the k850 you are holding something thin like the samsung u 600 !!!

  • allan

@dani. I've held both these phones in my hand and the n95 is no bigger then the k850 remote control.

  • Anonymous

Hi! Can anyone tell me whether K850 can do SMS text in Chinese.

  • Dani

True, SE is still the Best 'BRAND' in my opinion

Nokia are just like the Caterers for the Business Markets and stuff

were as SE are the Party Starters with the real Great Phones in the Market!

  • Mrigank Pawar

@ Next Level

hows it goin mate?

@ junkyskunky

wher r ya???
i guess u r busy lovin ur k850i afr d f/w upgrade!

  • Mrigank Pawar

@ s.s.

wher hav u been?
dats a nice short nickname 4 ya now...

@ Dani

i guess dis war will continue till nick realises dat SE is 'THE' brand in mobile fones.

@ r.0.c.k.

waddupp mate?

  • allan

k850. The look alike remote control that's difficult for text messaging, that has no wi fi or gps and no infrared!

  • s. s.

whoah. It's been a long time, and still people are talking about the same old topics.
You guys are still at it.

My K850 is looking old now, new cybershot phones are coming sooner or later.

  • r.0.c.k.

b0tt0m line is - u can stuff EVERY FEATURE imaginable int0 a BRICK but if ur battery 0NLY lets u enj0y th0se featues f0r HALF A DAY then that p0int is m00t.

end 0f st0ry.

  • Red Line

Hey GUYZ wats flash themes??cud any1 explain to me?

  • nick

the camera is like the worst out of all of competetors. i love the way u lot all stand up for sony erricson and just cant face defeat!

please just understand in plain simple english that.

takes photos
takes videos
plays music
plays video
phones people

but EVERY other phone does that. which is why this phone is so average!

  • Manikandan

The great thing about K850 is that it has a excellent camera with good battery life.The interface was absolute fast without any hanging.....K850 rocks!!!!!!!!

  • Mrigank Pawar

@ m@t2

dats exactly wat my friends who own n95 say.
d batry lyf sux!
i guess nick has got a special batry frm nokia or he is using a SE batry. lol.

  • Mrigank Pawar

@ Siva

Mate, u urself hav listed out d + and - of each fones.
Like u said, u don't think u wud use wi-fi/gps often, so dis is 'THE' fone 4 ppl like u n me!
Hope u make d rite decision.

SE 4 lyf.

  • Anonymous

The n95 of my cousin,is very bad battery he cannot use
The features like gps, video record,playing music and 3g networks coz the battery life is drained very fast

  • Siva

Can u say which is best among N82 and k850?

N82 black (+) (-)
Wi-fi Slow booting
GPS wid maps Battery life
S60 Keypad style
Software extensible Sound quality
Screen resolution (vs Sony)

K850 (+) (-)
Fast interface No Wifi, GPS
High sound quality Keypad and touch
Cybershot No symbian OS
Common (+)
5mpx with flash

Which to choose? I dont think most of are gonna use wifi or gps?

  • Mrigank Pawar

@ Dani

its d same wit me.
i hav used so many nokia fones.
they r soo boring.
less battery life,no flash themes, slow symbian, freeze often... n d list goes on...
anyway, it really feels nice 2 own a SE fone.
i absolutely don't regret even 0.01% dat i shifted frm nokia to SE...

SE 4 lyf!

  • danielle sanders

Had my phone since oct when first came out had a few problems with sms but updated new sofware and is now working fine the camera is the best my friend has got a smasung with 5 m pixels and my pics are still better

  • nick

se is sh1t.

make a proper phone that breaks some kinda barrier, not just make phones that every other manufacturer has already done...