Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman

Sony Ericsson Live with Walkman

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  • Evoken
  • pdN
  • 16 Apr 2024

Im still using this one daily , changed battery once because it took the rain. i use it as a walkman when going walk in forest since modern smartphones are way too big , stored many album on a 32Go mSDcard.
wifi / bluetooth / gps / camera , everything still work after all those years , and its very small and the look is just fantastic... GG

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    • Anonymous
    • Ggr
    • 26 Feb 2024

    I had One...and i like it very much...better than This just X10 mini

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      • Pardeep
      • Hkr
      • 30 Nov 2023

      Anonymous, 10 May 2023This phone should come up with 5g network 6gb RAM 126gb ROM... moreI like soni ericsson and welkman

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        • Anonymous
        • gNT
        • 10 May 2023

        This phone should come up with 5g network 6gb RAM 126gb ROM with 5000 mh battery and with new theme to customize but the body of the phone should be same and there should be fingerprint in the central phone bottom.

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          • Bala
          • U@3
          • 01 Jun 2022


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            • James K
            • MAj
            • 18 May 2022

            Still use one of these as my mobile hotspot. Really reliable and has amazing batter life, even if it is 10 years old

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              • Anonymous
              • DkI
              • 10 Jan 2022

              Make it engage

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                • jaims
                • Dke
                • 31 Mar 2021

                get Blackmart apk and use its amazing features.

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                  • Random
                  • sxr
                  • 04 Oct 2020

                  This was my first phone. It served me for almost 5 years. Loved playing minecraft pocket edition on it and the pre-installed music was ok. Ah. The nostalgia.

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                    • Praveen
                    • U@I
                    • 12 Jun 2020

                    Its an most beautiful phone an camera headphones amazing brand in clg life iwant walkman series phones

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                      • Jazeel m
                      • fCL
                      • 03 Mar 2020

                      Joseph, 07 Sep 2019Is there anyone else here knows where to still buy this in ... moreAli express

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                        • Joseph
                        • t7N
                        • 07 Sep 2019

                        Is there anyone else here knows where to still buy this in the philippines? In a mall in metro manila? Tell me pinoys i wanted this so bad. I will give you tip for the info.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • pij
                          • 04 Sep 2019

                          Mine one stolen, I'm very upset with this situation, then I bought a asus zenfone 5(intel 1.6ghz version) even ubuntu touch work on it damn

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                            • microSD_128
                            • P9x
                            • 24 Jun 2019

                            AnonD-670600, 09 Jan 2018 really like this audio quality, so fun and easy, but if th... moreAccording to this link, this phone can hadle a SanDisk 128 Gb microSD card.

                              I forget whata beuty it was.

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                                • Dengusoft
                                • r0M
                                • 26 Apr 2019

                                Still got this phone,the white one in the light effect around the 3.5mm Jack when playing music,shame Sony is doing away with this port.
                                The phones by this company looked gorgeous,even sporty and mostly unique.nowadays it's a slab and notch.long live the LWW coz it refused to die.

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                                  • Sonyzz
                                  • mE0
                                  • 02 Apr 2019

                                  Still have it, black color, mint condition

                                    kuyakarl, 28 May 2018best music dedicated ! still use this til now as music pla... moreBut keep in mind you can only use up to 32GB memory cards.

                                      best music dedicated !
                                      still use this til now as music player stock rom 2.3 gingerbread
                                      bcoz i think OS has the best equalizer /mixture of audio quality..

                                      -kuyakarl 2018

                                        Cool name for a not-so cool phone.