Sony Ericsson P5 and G702 (Beibei) are cancelled, for real

21 June, 2008

Seems like there is some sad news for Sony Ericsson fans - the two rumored Sony Ericsson smartphones have been cancelled. We've seen those handsets leak online numerous times and we've always duly informed you. By some twist of faith (or engineering/marketing whim) Sony Ericsson have decided that the P5 and the G702 (Beibei) will never see official release.

Some critics of the unannounced Sony Ericsson P5 claimed its specs are too inadequate to stand up to competing smartphones. Outdated before even released, was their argument. Well, we can't quite agree, but that discussion is already out of place. The Sony Ericsson P5 has been cancelled for good. You can see some of the appearances of the mysterious UIQ smartphone and learn more about it here.

Sony Ericsson P5 Sony Ericsson P5 Sony Ericsson P5 Sony Ericsson P5
Sony Ericsson P5 is cancelled

The Sony Ericsson G702 (codenamed Beibei) has also obviously got the sack for rather unknown reasons. There was some criticism against it too - mainly due to its looks, but still it remained a capable smartphone with touchscreen display, Wi-Fi and built-in GPS receiver. You can see our articles about the unofficial appearances of the Sony Ericsson G702 here.

Sony Ericsson beibei Sony Ericsson beibei
Sony Ericsson G702 (Beibei) is cancelled

Word is out on the street (meaning online) that it's after all possible that these handset might see the light of day on the Asian market. It still remains a mystery as to why world-wide availability is left out of the question.

Source: Unofficial Sony Ericsson Blog


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  • Gamma Sharma

I waited and waited for this mobile to come out when i was looking for a successor for my p1i. But nothing was hear. Nothing of the cancellation or anything. Just these last remaining reviews and demo tours in youtube. This mobile with integrate...

  • Anonymous

their annual report shows negative growth this year. 2008 SE market share falls behind Nokia, Samsung, Motorola, and LG.


P5i should add EDGE facilities. And also the design should have to be upgraded. This present design and finishing is too general. P5i should also add Mega bass as well equalizer effect. Sliding system and key pad is also look so poor for a first gene...

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