Sony Ericsson P910

Sony Ericsson P910

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  • manz

Might as well call it the "touch screen brick"

  • Adrian

Can u set mp3 as ringtone on P910?

  • johnnybe

i am usin p910 for about 2 years now mostly professional and i am very satisfied with its operation . i took off the keyboard , so i use only the touchscreen , and i installed an 512 mb mc . thouhg its filled almost up (about 95 % for mc , and 40 % for phone memory) i have no problems with bluetooth or infrared connections ,sending and receiving all kinds of data (video's , mp3 , amr, 3gp...) . my occupation is that kind (technician) that i loaded the mc with pdfs around my job over 420 mb and i have no problem even with pictures and drawings in the pdfs

  • cocoy

Although the phone is quite big, I still find its design very business-like and appropriate. The sound is great and I am having fun using my music as message alert tone. I just have problem synchronizing this with my computer. It just doesnt work well.

  • Anonymous

To the person below me
No it just suports max 1GB.

  • erwin

hey just wanna ask you guys if this P910i is compatible with a sony 2gb high speed pro duo? it says here that its max is limited to a 1gb stick only. those of you who are using a 2gb mem stick kindly post your feedbacks please.

  • VaLy

the best choice is to use Sman. My battery life is about 5 days (i have set brightness to 20% and closed apps with Sman every time) many claimed that the battery life it's too short (1-2 days) which i do not agree. i think it's a good handset, better than 7710

  • Anonymous

i'm using this device for 3 weeks and i think it's worth it. i had a problem with it once: i used Taskman(big mistake) and closed "Phone" application; my mobile closed instantly and when i tried to open it, it became unusable, did not start and only showed the sony-err logo. i had to resoft it at a service and cost me money. TO ALL YOU, DO NOT CLOSE "PHONE" APP IN TASKMAN OR TRACKER.

  • oliver

am about to obtain a p910 - how compatible is it with apple - ie. isync?

  • Rami

Can i use wireless network (wi fi)

  • tawfiq

please i'm about to buy p910i please can any one inform me if the phone has fm radio and is the phone of quality

  • getter

sorry i cant help you on that. i paid for mine and its worth it.

i have problems connecting with other devices using bluetooth. here's some info on what ive tried.
for pc usb or built in bluetooth.use either use toshiba bluetooth stack/microsoft bluetooth stack or windcom stack.

for other phones besides SE.
try pairing them up first and see if you still have some memory left on both devices.

if you still having problems sending or receiveng thru bluetooh. try backing up your device. and try reseting SE p910.

btw theres a firmware ive heard about re: SE p900 it can convert the firmware p900 too p910 firmware, theres one problem in that you cannot use your bluetooth option anymore.

i use smartmovie for encoding avi's.

isa the chic
i totally agree with you its much faster that way. but you can buy a usb 2.0 MS reader for $12 that is without the MS adapter so you need to shell out another $7 for it. you can buy them @

  • isah_the_chic

for trasferring files, videos, pictures, music, games, etc from the pc to p910 and vice versa, the best medium is a CARD READER. i have encountered no problems with a card reader and u can easily detect if there are any viruses in a certain file. a card reader costs only around 35 dollars. the price is very worth it. i don't use my usb cradle anymore.

  • chris

what encoder do i use to encode .avi to .mp4 for my p9?

  • Khalil Ahmed

This Set have A Bad Camera!!!!

  • Cynosure!!!!!

Hi Every body,
I have P910i but have problems with blue tooth. my phone neither send or recieve any data from blue tooth from any other device. i had this phone since very long but haven;t checked it before. anybody having idea about this. lot of thanks is advance....

  • hayleen

getter1, thanks for the advice, can you please tell where to download smartmovie but not a trial version?

  • getter1

once you sync the p910 with SE sync software. click on the p910 icon on your desktop and it will show you these folders you must have se p910 sync files(

in each folder has audio, document,image,other and video. re: IR sync i use com 5. try that that might help. you ,ust have the proper IR drivers.

for Videos
i use smartmovie with this settings
landscape/xvid encoder/112 bitrates
/frequency 2400hz 8kbps bitrate
i just use the lame codec. the movies are just fine but dont expect good quality. be sure to check the preference "targer device type and screen" is on UIQ 208X320.

hope this helps

  • marcus

2 phones broke down in a row. 2nd one won't met me synchronise data. BE VERY CAREFUL. Screen and stylus too small but plenty of functionality if you can get one that works and doesn't risk all your data.

  • Rohit

Dear,I want to know how to send pictures from my P910 to PC.I have only data cable with me please guide me.Thanx