Sony Ericsson P910

Sony Ericsson P910

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  • navneet

hi , i've had this fone for a long time now, but didn't actually use d key lock , can anyone please help me wid, how to put on the key lock while the flip is closed?
thanks in advance

  • PC

Does the p910 has a better battery from the nokia 9300?The reviews say 13h and 5h. Is that possible?How long should the normal battery lasts, in normal use?

  • payam

hi,i'm gonna buy a p910i.I wonder if anyone would mind telling me if p910i has mp3(music)
for ringtone?and what is different between p910&p910i?


Helloo Readers
Can any user of P910i tell me where P910i is made??IS it made by Sony Ericsson or it is made in France???Which one is better???OR there is no difference???
Please please let me knowww?Thankyou

  • Ricky

You need to initial charge the phone for 12 hours (the battery is BST15 lion 1260), so it gonna last for very long time (except you use it to play movie). If you have problem, properly get a new battery and initial charge for 12 hours, and remember only charge again when it is auto turning off. Anyway, the phone is excellent.

  • Mista C

Yes can anyone help me with settin up the opera web browser for T Mobile USA because i did it the way they say to on the opera website but it still wont open any web pages???

  • ash

The p910 is the best & better than best the phone i see in the world .I think in the world is not better than this phone .

  • atasha

i,m just wondering why my phone battery don't last for 2 days. I change my battery already. I bought my phone last aug. 1 2005. are the problem are in my phone or still in my battery?

  • MND

From P800 to P900 and now I'm on P910. Cosmetically, i think its beautiful. EVerything is well. Have never had any crashes, reset, freeze, etc. Its stable and rock solid. It does exactly what you want it to. I slapped in a 256mb MS and to date, have not used up the internal memory. Holding it in my palm gives me that great feeling. A few negative points like lousy camera and capture. Speed wise, my P900 is much faster to react to SMSes, camera, etc. P910 seemed to be slower by half of the time taken by P900, I still wonder why. I thought it could be the 262k color screen, I dunno. The keyboard on the over flip keypad is a redundant and the P910 could go without it. Other than that its just a small refinement (mostly cosmetic) in phoen features as compared to P900. If I were to look at the phone response speed in executing certain functions, I don't mind downgrading back to P900.

In all, P910 is still a great phone to own and use. Most importantly it does exactly what you want it to do and it's rock stable and solid. My advice for those who are getting the P910; save your money and go for P900. Difference between P900 and P910 is minimal. For those who have already owned a P910; you've got a great phone! Enjoy it!

  • arki_ed

I'm planning to get one after a very disatisfaction from nokia 7710, I can tolerate its bulkiness but the slow processing time for contacts, sms replies is pathetic. For comparison purposes in my opinion the only edge that nokia has is the fm radio but still the draw back is it doesn't continue to play after a call. Honestly, the p800 still works better than n7710

  • davross

i have had mine 6 months and the flimsy plastic construction has come to fruition as the screen has broke for no reason and they have deemed it out of warranty and slapped me with a 110 bill for the pleasure. great customer service sony.

  • acong

you can visit any website like computer from ur p910. There is also opera software given in the cd if u dont wanna use the default one.

  • Ahsan

guys can anyone help regarding p910i ...... i wanna know can we visit website just like computer on p910i or we can only visit wap sites ??? plz help ???

  • Manish B

Hi Avinash

Can you tell me from where did you download the games which you were mentioning.

  • Manish B

Just 2 days back bought the P910i in Mumbai (India). Amazing phone. Slept at 2 in the night as was exploring the phone. Amazing features and looks.

Was considering the Nokia 7710 as it had FM also and was also cheaper (Rs 20500/-) as against Rs 25500/- for P910i.

But i think it is worth it. Had primarily taken it for the PIM functions and they havent disappointed me.

Only concern is that the Expense function does not have Rupee currency.

Anyone aware how i can load rupee as a currency.That was available on my Visor (Handspring)?

Btw had to load the software from the application CD which came alongwith the phone.

Most of the other applications/ programs were just links to the sony ericsson website, and so a let down as it was not a free download.

  • Alireza

p910i is the best phones that i see in my life.

  • Mondey

SE, you guys are missing out. When i can buy thie P900 series with all present teatures in addition to UMTS, WLAN/WiFi, and up to 5GB internal store, plus the card slot of more GB? I have been waiting for this a long time, hence i must remind you that we may not wait too long. Look at your competitors in the market place. Please, just do it now!


I bought this phone few days back.The phone is awsome.The internet speed is a bit small.The downloded games, V RALLY, SKY FORCE are a joy to play.The fullscreen view is a godsend.The BLUETOOTH Headset is also awsome.but alas only if they had included a Radio/FM player also, But the INTERNAL MEMORY + EXTERNAL MEMORY is enoughf to have atleast 10-15 songs.

  • kashif khan

hi i have been using thos beautiful thing for
a month .i couldnt figure out onething that how can we use formula in excel sheets ,if anybody can help me i will be very grateful thank you .
plz email me at

  • abhishek

Hey , im having the phone from about a month and it absolutely rocks!!!
i want to download some free themes , software for the phone but unable to find a free site.. if anyone knows please email the links to me , ill be really grateful.. thanks guys , adios