Sony Ericsson P910

Sony Ericsson P910

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Hi to all my friends who have doubts whether to buy SONY ERICSSON P910i or either Mini XDA2/i-mate jam/Mda compact/Qtek.

I have both this models.
so if ur interested to know more in detail,,do mail or maybe add me at ur yahoo messenger: or msn messenger

  • Anonymous

Because this phone is a small computer there is any posibility to find a soft to turn this phone into a FM radio ? I see that all of these complete phone (SE 910, XDA,a.s.o,with photo, video, Micosoft office pochet)has not a radio FM.

  • chris

i just bought the phone but i tried to put the light on at the qwerty keybord.. I don't know if it's possible.. can someone help me or isn't possible???!

  • venj

i have my p910i for almost two months and its great...even that im just thirteen yo. this phone rocks!! great for my reports...and to the one that says this phone is NO NO to buy..i just want to tell you..YOU SUCK!

  • Philip Nyamai

Good phone but i need to know why it gives me this error when i try to use it as a GPRS modem so as to connect to the internet in my laptop 'TCP/IP reported error 738. The server did not assign an address'
Im using a data cable. The strange thing is i am able to use it to surf the and only get this message on using it as a modem. Help!

  • acong

xda 2 mini has 1.3 mpixel for the camera according to the specification. but the actual one it is not that good. the quality even worse than 0.3 mpixel camera. xda 2 mini can have mp3 as ringtone. u must copy the mp3 to certain folder to set is as ringtone. p910 is more friendly user. it is better than mini. for p910 users, u can download freeware messenger in
it support ICQ, AIM, Yahoo, MSN, and QQ.
Have a nice try.

  • Pink

You should buy the XDA II mini! this phone is a no-no to buy! XDA II mini is superb compared to this phone! XDA II mini has a mega pixel cam plus it's almost a pocket pc!

  • Giani

Halo, I really can't make up my mind between buying SE P910i or O2 XDA II mini.
Can someone please give me some advices. I heard that SE P910i isn't so good in writing recognition for example if i write letter "T" u have to write for couple of times for it to detect.IS that true?I also heard that O2 can't have MP3 for its ringtone.Is that true or not?
Please someone please help me to solve my problem.Thanks.
Everyone who have any idea can wrote to me:

  • camie

this phone is great... love the camera and video rec. the giant screen is thee best! and the full keyboard is a must for emails. to get this phone for only $40 email me at

  • Anonymous

why would anyone pay so much for a cellphone that doesnt even have a mega pixel camera, expensive memory card and hardly any free softwares. you can get a second hand laptop in that price range.

all the pluses of this phone come to nothing because of the price. there are better alternatives available in that price range and lower (nokias 9300, 6630, 6681, 3230, 6670 SE k750i, s700). its price is not comptetive enough.

  • Player

players help me with my sonyp910 i have softwares but not much maybe 10 i want more softwares where can i get them? what website?ill give you some softwares like dictionarys ill teach you how to make your internet 100mbps or more

  • jp

people can you help me find a website which offers free softwares if you help me ill teach you somethings that you dont know about your p910

  • jp

hi all you guys dnt know how 2 upgrade your p910 i will give you softwares for little cash mail me il make your p910 the best phone on the street and best and last phone youll ever have mail me at you will not regret spending for that phone cause its all worth it see you l8tr GuyZm...

  • Samir

P910 is good... make it great

Do this and you will beat Nokia

Basic areas of Improvement

1) Key Board - Back lit / size of keys
2) Sturdiness - right now very flimsy - Make it drop proof
3) Battery good - but can be better
4) Memory - can we have 5 GB on the phone
5) Cost - make it more mainstream

Advanced areas of Improvement

1) Camera
2) Speaker phone
3) Internet connectivity speed
4) Software stability

  • pinder

please tell me does p910i have zoom feature and list of applicationssoftwares avaliable for p910i just mail me

  • damola

ps can some tell me hw to get mp songs on my p910

  • graven

I want to know if i can buy this sony ericsson p910.

  • lawrence

Yo guys its a really good phone. I dare u 2 find a better phone than this. Its like a portable comp.

  • Agung

this phone is great, it's like computer walking around us if you use this mobile phone, it will be better if there's wifi in this P910. but this phone still great even not support wifi technology because you can push internet alreaady

  • Ab

Saw the photos of P915 / P1000 - they need to go a long way before they relese these phones...

Sony Eric....make a sturdy phone with GPS / Sat phone and 3G