Sony Ericsson P910

Sony Ericsson P910

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  • Moazzam

For how long we can make/shoot a video on this phone. Like we can shoot 1 hour video in 7610 or 6630. what about this phone??

  • SAM

Sony Ericsson....pull up your socks launch P 920 soon move guys MOVE

  • Sanket Lopez

I dont know why have PXXX serise have such sick camera resolutions. While Nokia HAs rached 2Mp cant P910 have at least 1.3 Mp? The Cell other wise has no chalange from any of it compititors. Also the Sound is very low thoght the quality is unbeatable.

  • Promise

Please I need this Item P910 phone, so direct me on how I can buy it on line. I am writing from Ghana, West Africa.

  • maher

well the difference bet p 900 and p 910
1 the secreen is 256 k in 910 and 65 k in 900
2 more than one headset can be paired in 910
3 the phone memorizes setting when restarts
4 when u make a call u can switch from headset to phone much easier
5 up to 1 gb of memory and internal memory of 64 its 16 in p 900 and a max of 128 mb
6 the keyboard

  • maher

its a great phone but i think its slower than p 900 the keyboard is not practical many useful software is available overall its great

  • JON

come on sony ericsson p910 make wireless internet and put the biggest megapixel for the camera so beat the nokia up coming model n90 okkkkk.


i love the phone

  • meg

what is the better phon p910 or se k750i

  • silly

my p910 can't connect to my comp. i even called the support tech for SE but they couldn't fix it... pls help

  • special_k

If anybody should encounter problems synchronising the P910i w/Outlook 2003, this might help: 1. disable McAfee Firewall for the duration of the process and 2. set Outlook as default E-mail/Calender

  • Vishal

I am not able to check mail as it says Cokiee problem ....... help me ??

  • Otis Wildflower

when will SE upgrade this phone to 3G?

I have the p800 but 3G is getting close enough for me to wait to upgrade....

  • ALEX

p910 rulessss!!!!

  • kelli

please i need this item P900 sony ericson i want to buy one of ur product how can i buy it online, so u can me me and explain how i can get it.

kelli poole

  • someone

P910i can pair with more than 1 bluetooth; however, P900 couldn't. Thats the good thing. also, P910i can support more than 1GB memory stick as well.

  • Challinor

I agree with Craig below, Naz is a real rabbit fluffer.

  • Craig Knight

Dont by this phone I have the p900 and its far superior and now half the price the only difference is the qwerty keyboard on the flip that can only be used by a leprechaun. P.s Nas is a rabbit fluffer

  • jarmal

i will like to know where i can get the p910 in minesota how much it cause

  • harsha

plannin to buy either o2 mini or p910i.

so can anyone tell me the best between these pls.does these have sentence recognition pls help

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