Sony Ericsson P910

Sony Ericsson P910

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  • peter

the best phone on the world


this sony ericsson phone better then p900

  • tian wang

yes you can send text message with 1 hand only, if you want to use your left hand, then you can use the joy stick on the left side of the phone to send templates, if your right handed, just place the phone on the table and write the texts.

  • Romeo Raul Valles

The features of this phone are great however I would like to know if its camera works the same as the S70 or better. Can one easily send text messages with this phone using one hand only?

  • ThuyNX

It's great! I like P910.

  • rizal

i think P 910 is good product, excelent and power full

  • Jack

Fantastc phone, I want 1.

  • sisie

good looking..

  • antonics

might very well be the mother of all cellphones

  • tian wang

check out this link­ver=4000&template=pp1_loader&php=php1_10184&zone­=pp&lm=pp1&pid=10184
this is the chinese 910c website, it has a nice flash design for the p910c

  • Guillaume

I really like the phone having that much of features, but I don't feel this product has much different than previous P800 & P900. In the current world, it should have at least 5 band (UMTS, GSM 850, 900, 1800, 1900)all together, not separate to 2 different models, because a lot of people still have to cross continent everyday and they may need them all. Also, it should have EDGE as well since EDGE getting popular in North America (GPRS has been outdated). Moreover, if it includes the PDA function, it should have the GPS for navigating, the digital maps & directions. Finally, the build-in camera had better have 3.0 or above mega-pixels since 1.3MP couldn't take any good picture really.

  • mrdjape

It's just ordinary phone which i'll be using to call several of my friends. I would like to give you my hardly erned three months salary not to have wifi, office tools, or fast OS.
Hey people, for this money, you can buy Nokia 6310 or something faster plus HP 2210 or Palm T with CF card 512 Mb!
Yes and for the change buy some beer!

  • Dave Neo

The keypad is nicer.May I know when it is lauching in Singapore? Thanks

  • Burn


this is such an amazing phone, however, it DOES have several drawbacks including the absence of radio. while this is understably a nuisance for people who are constantly on the move and need to be updated regularly with news, what's to prevent these same people to just go online from the amazing P910? As for radio MUSIC?? DUH. MP3s.

*que slap forehead*

and please, don't say it's for the biting commentary from the djs. That's bull.

Megapix camera? Why bother? if you're a professional, why use a camera-phone hybrid to do your work? That'll look so good when you're trying to take a professional portrain of a Vanderbilt.

*que slap forehead again*

I'm glad i'm able to leave a bright red weal on a coupla foreheads.

PS: Guys, spell check. Think about it.

  • Jason

I'm looking for the wholesaler gsm phone in shanghai of mailand china. I can contact with them

  • Horacio Diaz-Manzo

GOD! my P800 is like in the pre-history!!
this machine ( P910 ) is a frendly litle monster!! imagen what can it do for us!


this phone is great, got it free with 5 tokens from cornflakes. thank you kellogs.

  • Suresh

I like to say the worlds wonderful phone that is sonyericsson but only drawback is they are only looking for the profits, so they are not giving fully satisfying phones.for eg: sony ericsson p910 they gave a lot of programs but no radio. just a small drawback. i am waiting so long to buy a sonyericsson phone with radio atlast i found new K700i but in future i wish to see in P910 also

  • candiwan

Dear Sir,
When will it be available P910 in Indonesia?
How much is the price roughly?

  • Anonymous

im going crazy on this phone..