Sony Ericsson S003

Sony Ericsson S003

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  • hks

What's the OS? Someone sells this for a hundred bucks in Indonesia

  • dexter

watafak?! we want this phone!!!!!!
why its only for japanese??!?! because its fake sony ericsson or ?

  • Anonymous



Where can l gt this phone. l,m in Cape town. South Africa

  • Patrick

i guess this must be the best one would love to have it one...where do we purchase?

  • Usagi Chan

Is that touch screen?

  • alchemy

please am from ghana and i really need this phone so badly no matter the price,can someone tell me how to get it?

  • shahidan lich

it's not available in malaysia.. huh..

  • hellyeah54

very cool phone i like it but if thy maked him wit wi fi that will be the best java phone.

  • badal

i want to purchase this mobile so pls suggest me how i can get it?

  • Terry

This phone is so cool

  • Anonymous

i am badly in need of da mobile in india

  • arif

i want this mobile pakistan

  • steffi

I want this phone!! Too bad I live in Europe.

  • @Ketin

This phone was only released in Japan

  • tas

i want to buy it, i live in akistan.


Sarehn - South Afric, 07 Nov 2011This is just soooo the perfect Sony Ericsson phone - yes why do ... moreso true hey this phone looks like a girls dream come true>>>>>>>>>>>­>>>totally love it

  • kassey

i really want this phone..

i dont see one here in the philippines..

mine is hazel greenheart but i also want this one

  • fm

sarah, 19 Mar 2012japancan you tell me a website where I can order this to my country?

  • sarah

AnonD-43308, 22 Feb 2012Were can I buy it???????japan