Sony Ericsson S003

Sony Ericsson S003

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  • focus

Is sony ericsson really gonna mad !! they juz making phones so good but only 4 japanese market n even it is CDMA
real mess that sony ericsson is making?

  • Anonymous

Is it really a cybershot? wat's wrong? why xenon flash not included? wat a fool... How bout the video? was it hd? atleast not touch screen i hated touch scrin phones a lot i had a red satio not contented wid it's features... I thought sony ericsson learned from all the imperfections satio revealed??? My gosh sony ericsson...

  • ramin

both of s003 and s004 have snapdragon cpu related to SE japan website
gsmarena please mention cpu too

  • hamid

TFT, 26M colors it have exllent display

  • Anonymous

There is something wrong with the voting system here.
This bad votes are obviously somehow generating automatically.
GSMarena, fix this!

  • Anonymous

Damnn No Wifi in 12mp phone???huh....Disappointment from Sony Ericsson!!
did not like it
cheap looking!!!

  • Arun V

I think the 26M is a typo .It should be 16m coz 8 bit colour display ie 256 Progression 3(rgb),for 9 bit it should be 512 progression 3 ~133M

  • Anonymous

vote down

  • Greatmarlboro1

The battery is a shame...!no WLan either....!SE disappoints this time...

  • kelson lee

everything is ok except battery is bad.

  • Anonymous

nice voting rate 2.3 2.3 2.3

  • Jordan

26 Millions colors?

  • shino03

Dubai UAE, 18 May 2010why wlan no ????? why no wifi ????? mad sony erisson, (( some... moreThe lack of wifi can be related to the Japanese market.

This phone is awesome! IPX7 certified! I want this badly!

  • Anonymous

umm any1 saw it was pink?

  • Shino03

Good to know that gsmarena is including exclusive se japanese phones now. I kinda felt they were biased when they showed exclusive samsung korean phones.

  • Anonymous

so bad no wifi

  • Saminathan

26M color in mobile phone is it possible ?
I think this phone cost more than 35000 when come to market.

  • R@KB

Waw great phone ...always fresh

  • Rajitt

26 M colours.........what's the world coming to? top it with a 12 MP camera, n all other goodies, great job, but what on earth does sony ericsson wanna imply by lack of wifi, sounds crazy!!!

  • Alishr99

26m colours.... Is it true?