Sony Ericsson S302

Sony Ericsson S302

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  • Anonymous

This is a S302, so its a very low end phone like T303, W302, and so on. Don expect to pay a low end phone price and expect high end features and software, though it looks high end. like its peers, its more for texting and phone calls only.

  • Anonymous

Rahul Kaveeshwar, 10 Jun 2009Hey people i want you buy a new Mobile(Sony only)What are your o... more1- the worst phone i have seen so far!
2- sound quality is really very bad
3- not send picture through mms
4- there isn't a delivery report option for text messages
5- no support for additional themes
6- not stable & automaticaly get hanged
7- not support loopwap
8- no compatible pc suite software for it
9- no flashing or firmware update by SE
10- no usb cable include
11- no enough internal memory for installing java apps
12- problems with using contacts

  • myyvaine

for all those who said this phone is low when ringing i say to them to use m4a type of file and it will ring loud enough for them , though it is a sagem phone it is still a good one for it's price , if u want quality sound buy a w995 , if u want good pictures buy a c908 , if u want a smart phone buy an xperia....peace to all of you

  • Anonymous

When compared to other models volume level is very poor, really i felt now this is waste of money.

  • Anonymous

its cheating with us by sony ericsson

  • max

i have been using s302 for a year is so good but it does not support themes from other phones doesnt meant is bad

  • rahul

This hand set is not good
waste of money by purchasing this hand set

  • Anonymous

erik, 19 Jul 2009why this phone not supports themes from annuother????? because this phone is manufactured by Sagem, although the software is modified for sony ericsson. basically, on the outside, it is a sony ericsson design. on the inside, it is a sagem made phone.

  • erik

why this phone not supports themes from annuother?????

  • lilac

boring themes!!

  • kalathar

actually my s302 has been good but ut not supporus the themes from the another hand set why nd whats the reason

  • Ashkan

not GOOD! :| very very very very bad Frameware! :|
it's a poor cellphone :|

  • mst4

esharif is right.SE sucks.Only siemens, nokia, samsung, LG, motorola and apple!

  • chaitanya

what about the memory card in S302 mobile,i mean memory card is or not in phone box. what the memory was included means 512MB OR 1GB.Please tell the details.

  • ponen

Battery life is really bad

  • alex

Battery life is really bad, it says 300 stand by and 7 hours talk time, but i don't use it much and had to charge it every day, conclusion, the phone has nice features but the battery sucks.

  • myyvaine

esharif, 26 Jun 2009But mine has no option for DELIVERY REPORT!!! it only has yhis ... moreesharif , if you read this i let you know it has delivery report enter on messaging>settings>text message>delivery report , and here you will turn it on as it is off by default

  • Anonymous

Can the flash light of this phone be used as a torch????I had a Sony Ericsson w700 and that also had a flash but it could be used as a torch as and when required and not only while clicking snaps

  • gautam

i purchase this handset yesterday in india at 7000 bugs does it exp or not...i also look f305.....which handset is good....

  • justin

it does not have infered or autofocus camera 2 is good and m2 card it is the most expensive overall it is a middle class phone