Sony Ericsson S500

Sony Ericsson S500

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  • Yash

Who can i buy this phone

How does the audio quality compare with the W580?

  • Anonymous

Best phone ever !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

best phone i ever owned

  • Tinkerbell

Just found this phone again but can't remember my lock code. Does anyone know how to bypass this?

  • AnonD-339023

hi i would like to have the ringtones of this phone used to love one of the tone but dont remember which one

  • AnonD-268646

Anonymous, 17 Mar 2014This was my best cell phone ever. Now with the smartphones,... moreIf Sony ever release this mobile as an Android phone or any other OS-based smartphone, I would definitely buy it. I owned the black+green S500 for more than 4 years and it still works! Except that the button are now hard to press but still it is one of the best phone I've ever had other than my Nokia E71.(before the smartphones era) With its user friendly UI and beautiful design people would love it. Now I wonder why Sony smartphones look bland compared to this classic slide phone...

  • AnonD-257319

1- high quality 2.0 megapixel camera with night mode
and automated or manual light conditions
2- high quality 3D gaming supported. then you can't
find a game that not run smoothly on this phone.
3- high contrast LCD display with right angles.
4- high quality and nice-placed loudspeaker with built-in equalizer.
5- premium body design with nice UI.
6- easy file management plus so built-in apps.
7- expansion slot up to 2 GB.
8- multi-tasking and Bluetooth functions in Java.
like multiplayer gaming.
9- macromedia flash and theme supported.
1- bad quality video recording with low fps.
2- zoom function only available in VGA mode at 2.5X
and in video mode at 4X.
3- small internal memory (12 MB only).
4- low quality voice recording.
5- multi-tasking not supported in main UI.
Note: this phone is the best in it's class.

  • Anonymous

This was my best cell phone ever. Now with the smartphones, I miss this phone every day. There is no smartphone that can compare too this phone. I loved this thing. Please Sony MAKE A SMART PHONE VERSION OF THIS LOVELY PHONE !!!! It would boost your profits. Once Sony was able to make this, please make this again!!

  • masena

Please where can I find the battery for sony ericsson s500, am in Kenya and seems no shop sells the type of phone

  • er.sudhanhsu

its a nice mobile

  • AnonD-93106

a very good phone have for 6 years and still like new
if i found another one new i will buy it again

  • soulandspirit

Anonymous, 24 Jun 20136 years oold phone batery like new first baterysame mine,still working almost like new

  • Anonymous

6 years oold phone batery like new first batery

  • Babette

Love it to bits. Sexy, chic, lovely to look at and handle. I've the green one. Love the lighting on side and mine shows the weather I.e autumn or rain or snow whatever the weather - real cute.

  • Ganstadip

Was one of my first phones years back i bought it unlocked. Was one of the sexiest phones ever so damn sleek and when you slid it to talk you felt amazing. People always were asking to see my phone. After a few years buttons started giving up and software started acting fishy.


  • Anonymous

this phone looks superb!!!
the light diodes on the side railings of the phone are just cool!!!!:-D i am soooo into phones with lights. i wish dat somehow we could tweak the phones software and use these lights as notification lights to notify the user about missed calls or messages. its aesthetics are really appealing :-D

  • annu

awesome phone i like this phone very much if this mobile is available the new one i will purchase it one more

  • hck

nakedslaves, 01 Nov 2012I have a Sony Ericsson s500i, it just went off and wont pow... moreblinks wat colour
if red u should mayb replace the batt with a new one

  • Anonymous

absolutely great phone, long lasting, resistant, only little cracks on keyboard after years of using, love it