Sony Ericsson S710

Sony Ericsson S710

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  • 28 Dec 2018

Anonymous, 23 Jan 2012its a very nice phone but i cannot download files greater t... morebuy a phone from this century

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    • amezquita
    • 8%x
    • 28 Sep 2015

    hello my friends i have this phone and its the real awesome!! its a live

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      • maya
      • j2U
      • 07 Jun 2013

      please bring this phone back. this was one of the best phones i ever had. please bring it back.

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        • Anonymous
        • fsV
        • 23 Jan 2012

        its a very nice phone but i cannot download files greater than 330kb. what can i do to solve this problem

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          • jeetu
          • vwe
          • 04 Jun 2011

          mob look is very attrective

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            • sanga
            • utu
            • 03 Jun 2011

            I like a lot but i've got a problem on the battery as it is not found nowadays and the memory card is very scarce

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              • M.Ericsson
              • 0FK
              • 05 Jul 2010

              this phone wonderful, but have with this model a medium problem:
              1-the music toggle (Walkman), I prefer to be this button on the interface of phone, not under the screen (in the switchboard).

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                • Deathwish238
                • YaN
                • 04 Jul 2010

                Ncruze, 13 Jul 2009Awwww. i remember this phone. Damn i LOVED this phone. so r... moreYeah and it has a Xenon flash too! $600 phones today don't have that

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                  • Tsarli
                  • w0Q
                  • 24 Jun 2010

                  ali, 22 May 2010i have this cell bt the main thing is that its not working.... morePerhaps its your SIM that isn't working and not the phone. Try inserting another SIM to see.

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                    • George
                    • m%k
                    • 27 May 2010

                    I agree that this phone is durable (mine is still working!) has relatively small sar (this is very important to me, it's a matter of health and all companies should pay seriousmatter on this subject), VERY good camera lens (best pics for 1,3 mp) nice interface, buttons, fetisch way of opening up the numberboard, what can I say? Only misadvantage that the metal receptor for the battery charger got easily rusted and it's hard to recharge it now...
                    Sony Ericsson, we want this back!!! With better charger receptor, and more mpixels with the same lens!!

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                      • ali
                      • vGe
                      • 22 May 2010

                      i have this cell bt the main thing is that its not working.. the sim which i am inserting is not working.. please help me out!

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                        • will
                        • ImS
                        • 29 Mar 2010

                        wow this phone its a UNIQUE PIECE OF COLLECTION my1 its already 3 years old but its like new....desing its best!!!!despite a have 11 SE phones i love every 1

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                          • freeman bright
                          • fuN
                          • 24 Dec 2009

                          it always have network problem

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                            • Adesoye tosin
                            • fuN
                            • 16 Dec 2009

                            goodday 2 u hw do i get s710 2 nigeria becos i like it it is more good than w810

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                              • judy
                              • kbh
                              • 16 Nov 2009

                              I cannot find my charger how do i charge it then and does it use a usb cable

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                                • Anonymous
                                • Rd}
                                • 08 Nov 2009

                                Best phone I ever had lol-I'm still using it!

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                                  • Pretty
                                  • IaH
                                  • 31 Oct 2009

                                  it would be better if this handset has a radio

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 07g
                                    • 15 Oct 2009

                                    I still have this phone, and i love it, i call it my brick... but unfortunaly it doesnt work like it used to. Now its time for an upgrade. :( i will miss it.

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                                      • sdeezy
                                      • NBS
                                      • 15 Aug 2009

                                      yes froze on me but that was about the only con about this phone. other than that, it did it all at its time.

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                                        • Ncruze
                                        • kBU
                                        • 13 Jul 2009

                                        Awwww. i remember this phone. Damn i LOVED this phone. so reliable. it did freeze on me just a couple of times though, but worth it.