Sony Ericsson Spiro

Sony Ericsson Spiro

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I keep getting the dreaded "Out of Memory" error when trying to send messages and some messages from the inbox have gone missing! I never deleted them! Even a high capacity memory card did not help with this issue!

Despite this being a Walkman-branded phone, I would really only play MIDI files on this.

I have PTSD of this phone and when I used to use it as a daily driver. So much "Out of Memory" errors even though I had a memory card in the phone. After about 3 months, it stopped working and I couldn't get a repair on it. It was that bad. And it stopped working at the worst possible time (hence why I have PTSD)!

  • int2k

The phone is cute and all, but I bought the W705 for nostalgic experience

sunny, 17 Nov 2012 NEVER PUCHASE SONY ERICSSION PHONE.... I bought the phon... moreBut... the bad quality was Sony's fault not Ericsson's fault.

This phone ONLY has 1 game pre-installed!!! (Which is QuadraPop). And before you tell me the small amount of memory is to blame, the Nokia 7100 Supernova has even less memory (4MB) WITHOUT a memory card slot and has 3 games pre-installed! (Which are Backgammon II, City Bloxx and Snake III).

  • AnonD-716026

AnonD-24593, 30 Sep 2013Guys remove some ringtones & apps from phone & inst... moreNot everyone will bother getting a memory card (especially for a feature phone)

  • Anonymous

This phone is worse than the Microsoft Kin.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 17 Apr 2012I am going to buy this phone, but after reading the comment... moreYes, it actually is. No one here is over-exaggerating.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-50923, 25 Apr 2012i really want this fone. how many themes doe it got?None.

mr tech, 18 Nov 2015Bin it, Bin it, Bin it, horrible, horrible, horrible, it ha... moreThe situation is even worse with the Nokia 7100 Supernova. That phone has 4MB memory but WITHOUT a SD card slot.

DingerToaster220, 05 Jul 2016DON'T SAY THAT this little mobile is amazing, it were my fi... moreYour first phone when you were 6? You must be really young here.

  • DingerToaster220

DON'T SAY THAT this little mobile is amazing, it were my first phone when I were 6 I used to go on it every night and everyday, I took it everywhere I went until I broke it when I were 8

  • AnonD-322352

I actually liked this thing. Still not sure why people are upset about this phone.

  • mr tech

Bin it, Bin it, Bin it, horrible, horrible, horrible, it has 5mb of useable memory... no its worse than horrible...

  • Anonymous

how to fix out of memory 1 find bin 2 throw this load of junk in to bin 3 relax and chill x


to the person who wrote 'does this phone play 3d games' this phone does not even play any games, it does not go on line... this phone was once voted the most cr*p phone ever created... and this award must go to sony well done... everyone was asleep on every aspect of this phone... sleeping at work bad... wake up and smell the coffee sony x

  • rahul

i cant believe that the brand like sony has made this mobile. most horrible mobile phone i ever used , sorry sony , but plz take this , u deserve this

  • dev

i bought it on 2011 (jan 25). it's camera FLEX is not available in (odisha,india) it available or not may you help me ?

  • ray

think 1000 times before purchasing this one