Sony Ericsson T100

Sony Ericsson T100

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  • amog us
  • FJ4
  • 02 Sep 2022

too bad it only supports PAL GSM (GSM 900/1800) and not NTSC GSM (800/1900)

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    • NiSHAN
    • q{T
    • 26 Nov 2021

    I had it.
    Rough and Tough, very good battery. Very slim and smart. More like Nokia 1100. But more handsome.

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      • Brahm Sharma
      • FY0
      • 11 Nov 2021

      I got it as my first cellular phone. Really a great one of its own kind.
      Still missing it.

        gich, 01 Jun 2021This was my dream phone what i wanted to buy when i grown u... moreThis was my first gsm that i got new.
        The sounds it made were very harsch and high toned butcalso sweet like a tamagotchi. Very lightweight and ultra small phone.

        I had a different type phone before in the year 2001, bought it from a collegue. It was huge and very simple a brand from our telecom company 'hi' (KPN).

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          • gich
          • u7@
          • 01 Jun 2021

          This was my dream phone what i wanted to buy when i grown up. When I grew there was no T100 anymore. I still love this phone.

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            • B.
            • Ji1
            • 20 Jan 2021

            I,ve hit the fly with it. And once I thrown it to the wall.
            I loved it. It was really a nice stylish design.

            And the blue color led was something new, and I remember an electric christmas tree electric board design, I made at school that time, and there was every color of led with it.
            And on mine, there were three of the blue one, and one-one other, red, yellow and green.

            This is how I loved the beautiful blue screen and the orange color texting board backlight.

            The menu was simple and straight forward.
            I could write text message on full screen.
            And good ringtome.

            It was the phone of my late childhood, my teen years.

            It was spectacular design.

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              • Anonymous
              • 8Xi
              • 14 Sep 2020

              Was my first real normal cell phone, awesome.

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                • Malou
                • sxs
                • 03 Jul 2020

                as my first celphone and i realy loved it and want to purchase new one where can i buy it

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                  • Jamshaid
                  • uZa
                  • 23 Aug 2019

                  It was my first cell and i realy loved it and want to purchase new one

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                    • manoj
                    • rA}
                    • 27 Jul 2019

                    this is my first best mobile

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                      • Anonymous
                      • h7q
                      • 20 Jul 2019

                      Johan bintardi, 22 Aug 2018My first phone 2004.. at pekanbaru,riauMy first phone...i need now this phone...

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                        • Johan bintardi
                        • thw
                        • 22 Aug 2018

                        My first phone 2004.. at pekanbaru,riau

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                          • Anonymous
                          • 3Y7
                          • 18 Apr 2018

                          AnonD-206370, 15 Nov 2013i have sony ericsson t100 it only work when i put it on cha... moreYou have to press The Decline Key and then you can see the boot animation if you don't have sim it will say ''Insert Sim'' else it will start as normal. Had this phone since 2003 and golden times come in our mind

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                            • DM
                            • gwI
                            • 08 Jan 2018

                            My first phone. It was a style icon at that time.

                              My first ever headset. :*

                                It was my 1s smartphone in 2004 Great memories with this phone :-)

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                                  • Bady
                                  • KZ8
                                  • 28 May 2017

                                  My 1 it!

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                                    • Vladimir Udovaliev
                                    • gKC
                                    • 11 Oct 2016

                                    My first phone.. still love it

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                                      • vivek
                                      • vGa
                                      • 29 Sep 2016

                                      Rinku, 10 Jul 2016It was my first phone in 2002 & I love this phone this ... moreit was my first phone superb

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                                        • Rinku
                                        • Y}{
                                        • 10 Jul 2016

                                        It was my first phone in 2002 & I love this phone this was my first love