Sony Ericsson T200

Sony Ericsson T200

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  • Chris

What an awesome phone! I finally decided to upgrade from my Nokia 6190 to a new handset, and made a great choice with this one. My reception has actually improved!

  • jeeeee

need ringtones for this phone. t200. does anyone know where i can find free ring tones etc. for this phone??

  • User of T200

I bought T200 in mid August 2002. I must admit it looks really nice; it’s small and fits your hand very well. Although I’m a male user and my hand is quite big, it doesn’t take a long time to get use to the small buttons. After a while I don’t thing anyone will have problems in using the simple navigation in the menu. The blue backlight cannot be seen during a day light, nighttime it’s very clear and looks good.
The phone have good number of useful functions, but nothing fancy. The only problem the phone has is with the loudness of the rings. The sound is sometimes not loud enough to be heard. The battery life gets better and better after couple of weeks of usage. The battery lasts me about 4 days with about 3 hours of calls and I don’t live in an area with the strongest signal. It’s a good budget phone with a great design, performs reasonably well and has functions anyone needs. Good buy!

  • Nabeel

T200 sony nice nice nice


It looks like a sneaker.

  • andyka

bagaimana jika ingin membeli hp Sony Ericsson T200 ini ? dan jika hp garansi apakah ada yang paket (hands free, sarung, tali, dll) dan berapa harganya karena disite ini tidak mencantumkan harganya? dan jika ingin membeli dari site ini tolong informasinya bagaimana apakah menggunakan credit card atau via transfer bagaimana ? karena saya berdomisili di Sumatera.

  • mo

The black looks cool!
suit for everyone!!
blue one seems more suitable for gal..

  • Ray

It has a similar function with Ericsson T65 and R600
but with triple band and new games.
blue screen cool!~~
can take photos with CommuniCam MCA-10
cool banana......~~

  • Morpheus

Does it have a ringtone composer, and how much new tones can be saved in it ?

  • Ivo

It's great, I allready have five of them, I just can't get enough

  • mrle

I think this phone is for children and I think it's a girly phone

  • Kenney

I got my at JT International. they have good price and the phone works great!

  • arief

loe mesti buy!!!!!!

  • tunde

l want to buy this cell, how can l go about it. pls


?.-No beautiful,but...!!.