Sony Ericsson T310

Sony Ericsson T310

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  • Anonymous

Can somebody tell me the site where i can download a games for this phone?
thanks very much

  • Franky

Its a worst sony ericsson company i buy it 3 years ago and its functions r just foolish.

  • makoy

my first ever cellphone. I bought this phone way back december 2004. a great phone from sony erickson.

  • frank

I like the phone although it fell from my shirt pocket and the glass covering cracked.I have to get it replaced

  • Pradeep

I am using this phone for more than 5 years. Its been working well on calls and SMS. The keys are giving some problem. Currently i can make calls for around 1.5 to 2 hrs. I have never changed my batteries.
A great piece of art by Sony Ericsson.

  • jval

I bought my SE T310 four years ago and I am still using it. Very sturdy phone. I had the keypad cleaned recently since some keys required hard pressing to register on screen however they are okay now after cleaning.

  • a lee

it's my first phone, i like it because a great one.

  • montanus

I bought this phone in May 2004 and still use it. Original battery still works fine. Screen colours have faded, but they never were good anyway, not like the phone illustrated on the box, not even when new. Both ring sound and loudspeaker have been rather poor all the time, but I hate throwing away things that works. Joy-stick still works perfect, but buttons need to be pressed hard now, making the phone sloppy. Will soon buy a new phone!

  • Anonymous

My first phone that had a color screen! I remember saving all my pocket money to buy this phone when it first came out.. lol. Unfortunately, I was so in love with the 6600 next year that I sold it at half price to a friend. It will always remain one of my favorite phones that I have had the pleasure of owning.

  • nathan

i got this phone nearly 5 years back that was really a good phone wallpapers and ring tones at that time it was awesome !! i still remember those days .......

  • Anonymous

the SE T310 was the 2nd phone i used and i really enjoyed fell from the top of a marble stair case all the way down and nothing happened to it.the battery only removed.dont use it for more than 18 months!


Anonymous, 27 Feb 2008very sturdy model fall from second floor on concret but nothing ... moresame with me. its cool isn't?

  • Anonymous

I got one of these in 2003. I subjected it to some harsh treatment and it never let me down. When I bought it I was working at a Silo and the joystick got clogged up with Barley dust. Had it serviced and it went on to provide 2 years service, before I gave it to a friend. As far as I know, it is still going strong. The only complaint I had was that there was no Blutooth, but not many phones had it back then anyway.

  • fakuryu

I bought this phone the first week it came out and this was my first colored phone. I loved it then and I still love it now since I still have this in good working condition but I already gave this to my dad. YOu gotta love the themes you can download but it is hard to find games for this phone. Good build quality from SE.

  • Anonymous

very sturdy model fall from second floor on concret but nothing happen still workin

  • Viktor

OK cell-phone. Nice to write smsīs on! And a fun miniature-golf game also. Standard cellie.

  • Anonymous

I am still using this phone now. No problem. It still does what it is designed for: phone and text. It survived several drops and still looks very fashionable :-).

  • anil sinha

can not perform outgoing call with my phone though i am getting incoming call - can anybody solve this problem

  • Tim

I've had this phone since June 2003. It's got good performance and really sturdy. I've dropped it several times at different hieghts. It's still the phone I use, but I'll be buying a new phone soon; mine's gonna give anytime, I've been really careless with this one and will make it a point to be careful with the one I'll buy. So, if you need a temporary phone for call and text purposes, then this one's really goood.

  • Jeppe

lol,this was the first phone that I had. I remember the guy in the store telling me I could get a camera from him to click it into the bottom of the phone for free. but he told me it was worth about a hundred euro's so I was very happy about it. when I saw the quality of the camera,i sold it instantly to a nitwit for about 50 bucks,lol. this thing was horrible with the joystick,stopped working properly after about a year. have had a samsung E720,E900,P310,nokia 6233 and SOE K550i after this one all with integrated camera,and far better quality pictures then this :P.