Sony Ericsson T310

Sony Ericsson T310

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  • Anonymous

good 4 me

  • Siddharth Misra

Am using a t310 is a cool phone almost a digiital diary at hand for a professional like me
Thanks Sony & Ericsson have been using your phones since the T100
Give me more !

  • Anonymous

wad?! 256 colors nia? itz horrible

  • hate the t310

Useless phone. Had to get a new one after 9 months even though after treating it so properly. The display was awful and the design was the ugliest.

  • amooti peter ruhz

sony ericson T310 is inded class apart,if only it could get an accessory of a camera ,other wise its other functions are up to date.


please send me software of sony ericsson t310

  • fighter

ok i will go there!!!!!

  • unknown

hi guys /gals ,u can download for free at SM-City , Cyberzone Sony ericsson, Shop ,Phils . Ringtones , pictures , screesaver, themes . worth of try . - phils.

  • Anonymous

ggreat 4 a student like me!

  • fighter

i like it the best fone ever

  • fighter

what is better t68i or dis fone bec. i plan to swap my t68i 2 dis fone. thanx from philippines

  • miko

this is the worst phone i've ever seen

  • Anonymous

In which phone you can see better photos ? T310 or T226?

  • frank brian

dam good phone

  • brian frank

this ia a tight fone

  • Extice310

Is Cool mobile :)

  • ali

this phone SUCKS! I bought the phone. The camera is decent however you need to transfer it to the phone so frequently you don't want to use the camera. The Screen is terrible. I got it scratched after a month! The cover got ruined in 2 months. yes I may be using a bit rough but this phone is not for me. Besides it is slooow :((

  • brian alleyne

this is the coolest phone ever too good for some people I know (monkey aka brian)

  • brian alleyne

this is the coolest phone ever too good for some people I know (monkey)

  • brian alleyne

this is the coolest phone ever