Sony Ericsson T600

Sony Ericsson T600

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  • AnonD-188490

I have this phone cute still working in 2018 i just charged its battery from long death and then boom working again and i fixed signal issue by adding a piece of copper paper and boom again calling so amazing and normal working fully nice

  • pal

is it available t600 in india markets?

  • Anonymous

It's a wonderful phone I loved it so much, but now I need a battery to it, I have Xperia neo V now but I still want to use my old T600

  • al

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2010I have one this model but It does not show network.Its well known problem, caused by too flexible PCB. The "network-responcible" IC looses contact to it and has to be re-soldered.

  • Anonymous

I had this phone back in 2003, as my first mobile phone. It was so expensive back in the days...After a few months, the signal of the phone became weaker and weaker by the day, and all the time I thought it was just my network provider's problem! 8 months later, the phone couldn't get any signal anymore and the shop told me it was a "serious problem" that would cost me half of the money of the phone to fix, so there went my first ever short-lived phone...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2010i want to like very much this set now a days this modle not avia... moreI have one this model but It does not show network.

  • Anonymous

i want to like very much this set now a days this modle not aviabele whear is aviabele give me adress

  • Anonymous

i want to like very much this set now a days this modle not aviabele whear is aviabele give me adress

  • Catherine Teoh

I used this model a long time ago and because it is so cute I kept it. It was ok for normal use. Now I can't find the place to buy the battery. I wonder if anyone can help.

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theo, 31 Aug 2007is there a way to solve the reception problem guys? what is the ... moreHi teo, i tink 2 recover reception problem, y not try sending it 4 repair 2 service center or shops.... Further questions about ant se models >>>>

  • theo

is there a way to solve the reception problem guys? what is the fault? does it have to do with a part? could i solve it by changing something to the phone's settings?

  • Satya

It's here :-

  • Moo moo.

I have the silver one. And it's absolutely ADORABLE! And tiny. Very very tiny. When you're talking to someone, you can't even tell you're holding something.

  • TZ


I bought this little gem as soon as it was available here in Sweden, a number of years ago. It was expensive, well over 300USD.

I wanted the smallest possible phone with SMS, good keypad, timer and stopwatch (I do a bit of running and exercising (need the stopwatch to time rests between sets)), and the T600 was my choice.

It has served me well, and is still fully functional, to my surprise!

Thanks for the tip about getting the battery firm in place with a little piece of cardboard, in case the reception goes bad. But I havn't noticed this as a problem with my phone (my phone har firmware revision version 2A, and maybe they had fixed some bugs from earlier firmware?). But I have noticed that the back lid loosen up a little bit over time.

If my T600 dies on me I'd go for a really small Samsung or Motorola clamshell phone, with timer and stopwatch. I still prefer the lightest and smallest sized phones, as I wear them while jogging, etc.

Bye from Sweden!

  • pepper_bell

This was my first ever mobile phone! Loved how tiny it was and light as well. A lot of my friends found it hard to type text messages on it but I thought it was not so bad. Then it broke down after maybe a year (or less actually), just couldn't find network anymore. Seems like I'm not the only one though!

  • Danny

Lovely little phone.
Having 750 mAh battery from
cannt find any bigger.
Is 900 mAh battery for T600 a dream?

  • Mack

I have one of this phones and there is a problem with it's network reception, is this a major problem of the T600s or it's only mine? I need help with fixing it. I love the size and design that's why I don't wanna throw it. I wish you could make such small coloured screen ones.
Thank you


i found one of these phones at work but it was farked. its nice and small but there was a bunch of these phones that had major reception problems(hardware)

  • Anonymous

If you change your battery with a stronger one(900mAh), and solder the phone processor in a service, all the problems with the reception will be solved