Sony Ericsson T610

Sony Ericsson T610

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  • Venkat

My first phone (smart phone ^__^)

  • Jack

18 years ago,best phone,video games 2005 year,no lags

Still works with original battery

  • adaheru

my first phone when i was junior high school. love it !

  • Ayan khan

Plz give me the phone and interested my favourite phone

  • Ramesh K

My best mobile 2003 that time that time cost is Rs:10500

  • Anonymous

I love it.......
Because it's my first phone

  • MikemyghT

This phone reminds me of someone special..😪now late😭

  • Awais

My 1st love

This phone gives me a lot of nostalgia! :)

Had one of these back in the time, they were immensely popular. The phone looked so good with the aluminium covers. And it had a build in camera.

Get Ready for the Nostalgia OverLoad !!!

This is (one of) the only phones I can say is TRULY classic.

  • MJG

I found this phone in our storage cabinet with charger and after I charge it. it's still working. this phone also have a photos taken from 2005.

  • Ramrah

One of the best phone I used since 4th year high school till my first step in college but unfortunately I broke it when I explored it's engineering. Some chips got broken that made the screen white. Lots of memories from this phone. Shots were in my Facebook till now. Thanks SE for giving me this wonderful model. It never a wrong choice that I bought this few years ago.

  • Billrider

The very first colored phone that I've used. Just for one night:)

  • Deni

Lots of memories with this phone..i love it

  • zombiepy

My first color display phone! was an excellent phone, very classy, small and light. Loved it.

  • AnonD-525498

My first ever phone too.

  • Ahmed

My first ever phone