Sony Ericsson T610

Sony Ericsson T610

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  • SeanF
  • nyN
  • 24 Nov 2022

Dede, 25 Nov 2021My first phone. I got it in 2003 I think, and gave it to my... moreWow thats amazing but if your grandpa would want WhatsApp for sharing pictures or a camera that can record, etc; I recommend an iPhone thats around the 4-7 year old mark (iPhone 6S, SE, 7, 8) or the SE2 because they are easy to use and my grandparents have no problems with them (they both have iPhone 8)

    Feels good. Even if it is a 2003 standard.

      I can't remember when I received it. I got it from a friend as a freebe. I still keep this phone as it still works very well. Charging well and now I use it for Alarm. And still can be used with a Standard chip for making calls. Great phone and you can keep it as an extra one for emergency use. Highly recommended.

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        • Dede
        • 3q7
        • 25 Nov 2021

        My first phone. I got it in 2003 I think, and gave it to my grandpa around 2005. He is rocking this phone to this day. Built to last.

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          • Saleem
          • U3x
          • 14 Nov 2021

          Sleek design. Aluminium body with joy stick. I still remember.

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            • Anonymous
            • rVp
            • 19 Oct 2021

            megatone, 02 Jan 2021Still works with original batteryMine still works!

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              • Venkat
              • D0d
              • 18 Apr 2021

              My first phone (smart phone ^__^)

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                • Jack
                • JA$
                • 20 Jan 2021

                18 years ago,best phone,video games 2005 year,no lags

                  Still works with original battery

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                    • adaheru
                    • xhm
                    • 14 Oct 2020

                    my first phone when i was junior high school. love it !

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                      • Ayan khan
                      • rAg
                      • 31 Aug 2020

                      Plz give me the phone and interested my favourite phone

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                        • Ramesh K
                        • rKH
                        • 12 May 2020

                        My best mobile 2003 that time that time cost is Rs:10500

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                          • Anonymous
                          • Dk9
                          • 10 May 2020

                          I love it.......
                          Because it's my first phone

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                            • MikemyghT
                            • Nug
                            • 18 Nov 2019

                            This phone reminds me of someone special..😪now late😭

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                              • Awais
                              • uW5
                              • 10 Sep 2019

                              My 1st love

                                This phone gives me a lot of nostalgia! :)

                                  Had one of these back in the time, they were immensely popular. The phone looked so good with the aluminium covers. And it had a build in camera.

                                    Get Ready for the Nostalgia OverLoad !!!

                                      This is (one of) the only phones I can say is TRULY classic.

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                                        • MJG
                                        • v0X
                                        • 27 May 2017

                                        I found this phone in our storage cabinet with charger and after I charge it. it's still working. this phone also have a photos taken from 2005.