Sony Ericsson T700

Sony Ericsson T700

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  • 9rans

am using t700 since2007 in some cases this mobile performance v cant define i.e its awesome v cant zoom the images while capturing but v can zoom the images after capture to a
large extent....the only problem with t700 is once it stops working then will not resume working because of s/wr's,and also it dont have wi-fi dats the major prob.. any way any one wants go for sony phones jus get T700.....

  • mas heri cakep

I also have T700 since 2009, it's a great phone. It's slim and the sound quality is just awesome. I hope this phone will be my legendary phone ever. But for more than one year the body was broken and i replaced with the new one even its not original from sony ericsson. My opinion is, why nearly all of sony ericsson phone are so vulnerable, and easily cracked? why is it because of china made? therefore japan made would be better, anyone can tell me :)

  • sagar khobragade

Awesome phone :-). Nice camera.but little sensitive. Awesome media player. I have downloaded 100s of theme the best ones i would say and then the media player looks just awesome. I am now using a windows 7 named theme. Its a 3 mb theme and its the best till now that i have got. Awesome display. Yeah and i must say the guy is right. The display is little dim. It should have been little brighter though.the snaps captured are upto 2 mb. Quality is just awesome as 3.2 mp is concerned. Even though you will zoom the photo it doesn't get blur.its really the star part of the phone that makes it great.9 out of 10 on camera. i have downloaded 100 games all awesome and selected them from internet like gold from mines. Some games are freaking awesome. But then phone automatically gets switch off :-P. I don't know Why. Then i have to delete that game, though it was awesome.because phone always gets switched off:(.. And one thing when media player is on the phone operates slow..another thing am using 100s of applications and am so happy wid my phone helping me in day to day life. Its such a user friendly.i can't live W/O it. It makes life so simpler.the applications which am using are just unbelievebaly awesome.;). I thought wi fi should have been there plus gps and definately secondary camera should be there. Or what would you use 3g for when you would be video calling. Holding a mirror in your hand.sound is great. I have downloaded some high base songs and the world seems to have been bouncing around me awesome base bro..i haven't heard that of w960 that could have been the best as you say. First its a walkmen phone. And secondly sony ericsson:-). Awesome headphone.i Love the song journey to bass. Its awesome..nice feature to see your present locations on google maps as soon as you click your photo..:-) lacks gps and wifi thats the not getting vibrating menu themes apart from default anywhere. Am just freaking crazy bout my phone. And used it to extremes levels till my mobiles goes out of control and loses its consciousness. But can't find the vibrating theme anywhere. Any body could send me any link

  • elan

bkit ng auto off t700?

  • lyso

hmm, 25 Nov 2011why is it that whenever i open the internet it says that contact... morehave you defined a service provider? You should contact with local operator for this.

  • hmm

why is it that whenever i open the internet it says that contact u're customer service provider.. the internet does'nt work how is that?

  • bharat

elad, 22 Nov 2011what is the most problem of t700?I have t700 phone it is very nice but its body is damage so i have to replace the body.
pls help me and guide

  • elad

what is the most problem of t700?

  • flurt

i like very much this h/s
this is a first h/s in 3g

  • Anonymous

Really cute...for d last one yr der was no problem......but thes days it cantrecollect the no which i accepted ,but not stored!!!!!!!!! If i hav a missed call from a number, which is not already saved in it , I cant get it.........Im really reluctant to send it for service, since im not sure whether they wil handle it carefully!!!!!!!!!

  • sam

it is very nice ....features are very nice

  • bHeng

i got a pink one. the photos were excellent.

  • Zara

My T700 suddenly has no network coverage, the battery drains too fast (without usage) and built-in applications are missing! I'm unable to use it now. What should I do?

  • Anonymous

Hi friend T700 very very nice phone.

  • Rahul

I m using my sony ericsson t700, for last 3 years, it has superb phone in every field, very cute, simple, slim looking phone, great sound quality, great picture quality with very high resolution, 3g video calling with 3 megapixel camera, and till that i have no any problem with my sony ericsson t700. I LOVE IT......


-very nice fone-

  • falkonviper

The "H" symbol next to the signal bars indicates the HSPA network "A kind of 3G networks"

  • rhythm

my sonyerricson set is nice but after few months it says the battery cannot be charged ,use a sonyerricson battery what should i do?

  • AnonD-23969

does anyone know what the little blue box with the H symbol in is? it's next to the signal bars in top left corner. thanks.

  • AnonD-22324

andrio can install t700 or not?