Sony Ericsson T700

Sony Ericsson T700

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  • mike


On the specs it says this phone can play WMV(video) files.

No other sony ericcson and most other phones can do this.


  • Miguelito

Anonymous, 04 Nov 2008if you look to your left, there are links.oh snap, I can't believe I missed that, thanks

  • Anonymous

hi all,
this phone is not what u think its so nice & its software are soooooooo pretty i really like it & by the way its so thin which means u will love as its shinig silder colour is so nice in real life not like the pics i like black on silver in pics , the camera r gr8 , menu is so pretty too i used to have k810i but this phone is nicer then the k810i & im waiting for niether g705 or w705


this phone is soo sexy. . . can someone who has this phone tel me if it supports 8gb? and has it really got hanging/on-off problems?

  • rendrat

I am interested with this SE T700 phone.
I am currently using SE K610i. K610i is giving me a problem, where many times the phone can turn off suddenly for no reason. I have missed calls because of that. Many people who owns Sony Ericsson, also complained about the same problem, althought their SE phone are different model. Does anyone experience this problem with T700 ?

  • Anonymous

still doubting between this one, the k770 and the k660. All three are 199 euro's, so i'm not really sure what to take. The K800 is 199 euros aswell, but it find it to fat.

  • Navin

Anonymous, 02 Nov 2008I just got this phone few days back, it reminded me the classic ... moreDoes this phone have MP3 ringtones.

  • Anonymous

how is funk. light on phone are is like in k750 or flash like k810

  • Anonymous

2.2-inch display would have been better.

  • Anonymous

This phone just hit the stores in UAE - at Dhs.899-00. I think this is one of the few to come in at the RITE PRICE FIRST TIME. Spec is almost identical to the Nokia 6500 Classic(even a bit better), its nearest rival. This i SE's mew beauty queen - i think it will do well - esp if its interface is as fast as the w890i, which is basically its twin. The T650 is still a bit too close in procong though, and they really shouldn't be sharing the same shelf in store.

  • Hani

Price in middle east 251$ only - good cost - phone is also good as quality - nothing much to say :)

  • Erick

This device will appeal but the K660i is a much better buy incorporating a video call camera and good retail package. It is also $90 €60 50 less.

  • Anonymous

Miguelito, 03 Nov 2008Do you know where I could go to buy it?if you look to your left, there are links.

  • Anonymous

vinay , 03 Nov 2008how much its pricedepends on who you buy it from

  • Shino03

redruby, 04 Nov 2008hi..can anyone tell me whether this phone has a calculater function?All sony ericsson phones have a built-in calculator in the phone and if you don't like the calculator, you can always download another one.

  • redruby

hi..can anyone tell me whether this phone has a calculater function?

  • docs

thanks anonymous! that's cool like in samsung phones.

  • vinay

how much its price

  • Miguelito

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970Do you know where I could go to buy it?

  • Anonymous

docs, 31 Oct 2008can you use mp3 for message alert tone? i saw the try the ph... moreyes you can