Sony Ericsson T700

Sony Ericsson T700

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  • ping7

this it true that 1st batch phone having problem? Cos i want to buy this phone but the seller comment that this phone due to on/off by no reason???

  • Anonymous

which phone got good speakers c702 or T700

  • Anonymous

I don't like the design of the two half black variants, but the shining silver one looks really good.

Also, shame no videocall cam..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 1970if ur looking fopr better camera, go for C702, if ur looking for style n elegance then T700 is ur perfect option. features are almost the same in both the phones. but C702 has better camers, T700 is very very slim n has better looks.

  • Dilshad

yesterday i bought T700 its nice design and small phone , i like sony mobile but i think its new one
the sound is good and new design
camera is very good
Kurdistan - Iraq - Erbil

  • Danny

Dave, 23 Oct 2008I woulld have LOVED to have this fone but there is no video call... morehey dave, this phone does has 3g. it has a camera in the front for video call

  • Anonymous

i want to buy this phone, just cant decide what colour, cant choose between black on red and black on sliver. both look good to me!!! help!!!. if i go for the red? would the colour start to wear off from the keypad buttons???

  • Dave

I woulld have LOVED to have this fone but there is no video call camera - so i cant make PROPER video calls to my beautiful girlfriend - which to me is the whole reason for buying a 3g fone - i dont buy data packages - they are stupidly expensive.

  • Anonymous

This model is not like all sony erricsson phones... it has some frame rate issues also.

  • Anonymous

julia, 22 Oct 2008some sites hows that this phone have stereo speakers is it right... moreYes, it has stereo speakers, and it's pretty loud.

  • Anonymous

viswanath, 22 Oct 2008Can some one tell - is it a dual sim modelno. it's not dual sim

  • Peter

what year is it from ?

  • julia

some sites hows that this phone have stereo speakers is it right.tell about its speaker how good it is.loud or soft

  • viswanath

Can some one tell - is it a dual sim model

  • Anonymous

kevibeni, 20 Oct 2008Wait I just noticed something, the keypad has no backlight!:O Or... morevery dim light. I just got mine yesterday and notice that it was very dim. You can see it in the dark but you can't make out the number or letter.

  • Anonymous

It's a 3G phone. Can make video calls. Just that there
isn't a front camera... gotta turn to the back.

  • Anonymous

Yes, there is backlight for the keypad.

A pity there is no front lens for video call but I
guess that's the trade off for the size of the phone.

  • singapore dude

the video recording is in QVGA format, its a clear improvement over the t650, videos taken are clear but it could be much more better. no front cam but a light sensor is more than welcome.the keypad feel are much better over the c902. would recommend to anyone who just want a simple stylish phone!! note: the 3.2m camera does not offer auto focus,but then again pictures taken are decent.

  • Anonymous

plzz tell me about its video recording is it qvga or qcif

  • singapore dude

just got the phone today, its small and light... apity it does not have the front cam for video calls, the phone is great!!! love it with the red on black colour combination...