Sony Ericsson T707 review: Off it glows

Off it glows

GSMArena team, 8 April 2009.

Sony Ericsson T707 is a new addition to the T-series but it's nothing like the T-series as you know them. Not only is it the first flip in the bunch, it also has a different brief than virtually any other T-series handset. Codenamed Elle, Sony Ericsson T707 will be trying to please the ladies but maybe it's not as simple as just sticking that less-a-gadget, more-an-accessory label.

As one of the product designers claims, the Sony Ericsson T707 was inspired by rainbows and the array of paintjobs it will be released in will make sure it won't go unnoticed. The light effects, the stealthy external screen and the ripple-and-circle patterns inside give this otherwise modest mid-ranger a distinct personality and visual appeal.

Sony Ericsson T707 Sony Ericsson T707 Sony Ericsson T707 Sony Ericsson T707
Sony Ericsson T707 official shots

Key features:

  • Quad-band GSM and 3G with HSDPA support
  • 3.15 megapixel camera with Cell-ID geotagging
  • 2.2" 256K-color TFT display with 240 x 320 pixels resolution
  • Secondary monochrome external display (36 x 128 pixels)
  • Scratch-resistant surface for both displays
  • Bluetooth with A2DP
  • Hot-swappable M2 card slot (up to 16 GB)
  • FM radio with RDS
  • Basic multi-tasking support
  • Gesture control
  • Light effects with 5 colors, assignable to contacts
  • Smart dialing
  • Threaded messaging

Main disadvantages

  • Camera doesn’t have auto focus or LED flash
  • Low-res video recording (QVGA@15fps)
  • External display not legible in sunlight
  • Keyboard lacks adequate typing feedback (might be changed in final product)
  • The light effects are too dim (might be changed in final product)
  • No document viewer
  • No video-call camera (W508 has one)
  • No accelerometer sensor (W508 has one)

Sony Ericsson have put quite some effort into advertizing the T707 as an all-around stylish package that's even fit for the tennis star Maria Sharapova as seen from the numerous photo ads.

Sony Ericsson T707 Sony Ericsson T707 Sony Ericsson T707 Sony Ericsson T707
Sony Ericsson T707 in the hands of Maria Sharapova

The front of the Sony Ericsson T707 is where rainbows are made - the exterior is surely an eye catcher. The light effects it offers are a way to add a bit of individuality integrated with practical functionality - the two circular elements on the front panel can be backlit in a choice of five different colors and these colors are in fact assignable to individual contacts.


Sony Ericsson T707 Sony Ericsson T707 Sony Ericsson T707
Sony Ericsson T707

For our review we received the Sony Ericsson T707 in Mysterious Black. Now that we've got our proper introduction, we'd gladly take you down the road with an inspection of looks and ergonomics. See you on the next page…

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