Sony Ericsson V600

Sony Ericsson V600

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  • justanotheroldman

Had mine 2005 and its still my daily use phone. Never failed me and yes it makes calls to
it has I need and its top pocket size keeps it within ear or vibrate as to not annoy other people. Amazing cant see any reason to change .

  • maliratac

I use V600i from 2005. There's not a suport. It's no honest.

  • lowsky

I owned the phone in 2006 its a very nice phone I loved almost everything bout it but my problem is it has never survived 4 more than 6 months 4rm the tym of purchase I got it fixed n it would get broken all the tyms I spent lots of money fixing it I gave up eventually cos not every1 who fixed phones knew how to fix it. It buy it again if it were 2 b upgrated with stuff like memory card slot n only if it could stop freezing so much

  • Anonymous

Kimi, 15 Mar 2010Well i don't use sony ericsson but one question for Mr Amar... moreYes i was a student at Mauritius College. What abt u....? WHAT is ur name.... N whr do u live?

  • prasad

sony ericsson v600i is awesome phone items:-)
i more like it

  • momo

i have a sony ericson v600i but it has just accidentally stoped working.....they have told me that it needs can i get its software?

  • wabwire

i like the fast web browsing...en also the sound.could sam1 direct me wea i can get another battery???

  • Anonymous

ilove my Se v600i..

  • pokertom

I have had my v600i from new and its never let me down,original batt lasts a week + and it does what it says on the tin and more.The radio is amazing with a good clarity and bass.I had it for my second phone but it is my main.I think it will be with me till the death and i wouldn't put it past it to beat me on that either. All in all probably the most reliable phone i have owned

  • AnonD-11276

I like my V600 very much. I have had it since 2006 and I still use it every day. It is my second phone and it seems to last forever. The battery still lasts for a whole week without charging. Does anyone know if it is possible to transfer the SMS's from my phone memory into the SIM card memory? Just in case my phone brakes down one day.

  • i love this phone. i

i love my v600 its multifunctioned and gd battery life.

  • Anonymous

I have a Sony Ericsson V600.Had it for 4 years. Great phone. It has a speakerphone as I use it quite often.

  • Prasanna

I love this bloody dammn phone. I am using that phone for 4 years. But i sick of this phone now. What to do? i have no money to buy a new one.

  • patel

nice phone ilike it last 5 year

  • ikram

i have been using this fabulous phone for past 4 years and i have no thought of giving it up,i realy love its features especislly the internet and e-mail features,only thing that i hate about this is its lack of memory slot

  • Sameera

I am using this more than 4 years(2006.09.30). I'm still use it. Any one saw my phone never believe my 4 year story. Camera quality is fine at outdoor and i don't like to talk about indoor photo quality. As i was under graduate i use this phone to browse internet for find information to complete my project reports.I Use led flash light as touch, Play games, send free SMS through internet, as 3g modem(i made few website and manage all my blog with it),built in email, listen radio and every last drop of power it had. Most probably i will buy new phones but i never give away this phone. I keep it safe place so that i know my v600i is with me when a emergency.

  • Kimi

amar deep seetohul, 08 Feb 2009I am using this phone 4 nearly three years. Absolutely no p... moreWell i don't use sony ericsson but one question for Mr Amardeep Seetohul, can u plz tell me if u were in mauritius college curepipe thx in advance i was student there

  • bbm

such a gangster phone!! have had mine for 4 years, been through 3 other phones. always fall back to this one! can do anything! open beer bottles, throw it at youre mate thats pisn you off,use it with a claw hammer to pry nails. you name it this phone can do it. such a gangster phone!!!

  • Lovro

best phone i've ever had, may he rest in peace...almost 3 years of falling and living with me, till that critical day...
i wish i could buy it again somewhere, only bad thing is no memory card slot...

  • Harley

Hi there. With that Vodafone button... Put your phone on lock... Which is the standard way ANYONE can get away from getting charged for using Vodafone Live, etc