Sony Ericsson Vivaz

Sony Ericsson Vivaz

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If only it ran Android.

  • AnonD-716026

With this phone, say goodbye to WhatsApp

  • Airol

Owhh wassap can about play store soft ware? Also can install???

  • saleh

goodbye whatsapp..

  • shariq ayjaz

YES!! WHATSAPP IS AVAILABLE FOR THIS PHONE, you can download it from whatsapp's official website (for symbian)

  • gorkisa

this is great phone..can acept android sistem..wery nice working with android!

  • McAtol

Can i Han Whatsapp on this phone??? i wanna get one xD

  • Anonymous

in my opinion,
the best macro-focus ever.

  • Anonymous

Does anybody know if I can install Firefox OS in this phone?

  • hasna titiza

Anonymous, 19 Jan 2015How can i decode it when it is lockedcomment j ai decode sony ericsson

  • Anonymous

Is there a way to flush the Vivaz? I'd like to flush mine.

  • guna

i want unlocking my sonny ericsson phone please help me

  • Laureen18

I'm having problems with my vivaz. Every time I wish to change the date and time or set the alarm, it keeps saying "system error" how can I fix it?

  • ThaLaure

I'm having problems with my vivaz. Every time I wish to change the time or date, or when i wish to set an alarm it says "system error" why is that? and how do i fix it?

  • M.Ramadass

this mobile are not working in document viewer and pdf reader with qick box viewer . this software how to work this phone that option

  • Anonymous

How can i decode it when it is locked


Ben, 22 Dec 2014can it contain whatsappyes it can.

  • Ben

can it contain whatsapp

  • Anonymous

my real player can't play any video..maybe some data has been deleted accidently. How can i solve or recover this problem?

  • Mesfinu

Hey my Sony Ericsson U5i cant vibrate when i have incoming calls. so what can i do? help