Sony Ericsson W205

Sony Ericsson W205

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Nope. Don't get this phone and find a different phone. There are way better phones for the same price (and sometimes even cheaper) not just in specs but reliability.

The camera is false advertising! It's actually VGA upscaled to 1.3MP. Please don't get fooled!

It's not worth it. I've seen other Walkman phones that are the same price and sometimes even cheaper and they have better specifications.

I've never came across a Sony Ericsson Walkman phone with a 128x160 (they're mostly 176x220 and 240x320) so this is a first for me.

Yeah no, I'd rather use a PXL-2000 for recording videos thankyouverymuch.

  • Logic

jonboy, 24 Jul 2013how do i switch blue tooth on my w205 pleasemy phone is sony erecsson i have forgotten my phöne lock

  • Anonymous

AnonD-48297, 11 May 2012man this mobile sucks!!!! look at the memory and it has a walkm... moreYou can store as many MIDI files (assuming you mean without the memory card) as you can MP3 files on 1GB memory.

  • AnonD-716026

This is definitely the predecessor to the Sony Ericsson Spiro. Don't even tell me it isn't.

  • AnonD-741713

So far, in everyday use, a nice little gadget ... But now everyone has some kind of scary big thing in the pocket

  • Neversyncr


  • AnonD-687625

Sukov, 17 May 2013Do not buy this phone!The software is really slow, especially if... moreDont expecte much for this phone yes i have a 2GB duo and it does sometimes lag and slows down but dont expect alot for this phone

Due to your review was done in 2013 i dont if you were using the phone in 2013 or the phone was given to yoi but this phone was made in 2009 let that sink in

  • Ben

fendi, 19 Dec 2010can you tell me where is the USB port and headset port for this ... moreThis doesn't have a USB slot because it's not an iPhone

  • Anonymous

It has camera resolution of SXGA (1280x1024) pixels for taking photos and video resolution is of 128x96 pixels of which could record resulting SQCIF@15fps.

  • Anonymous

Only file transfer is supported for USB connectivity.

  • sot

where can i buy sony ericsson W205?

  • sandy

i have a problem that conection of Bluetooth was not working that it shows operation failed

  • Anonymous

jonboy, 24 Jul 2013how do i switch blue tooth on my w205 pleaseThis phone is for the recycling bin...

  • SmartSundeep

jonboy, 24 Jul 2013how do i switch blue tooth on my w205 pleasedear friend go to settings, when you click on this button then we can see multiple tabs.Just press left button then we go to connectivity there one can see the entire Bluetooth options.
Settings->move to last tab->Connectivity->Bluetooth

  • Anonymous

Hi I have forgotten my phone lock code can you please help me

  • lux

this phone is body heat and battery low?
plz ans.