Sony Ericsson W350

Sony Ericsson W350

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  • Anonymous

Shekar, 01 Feb 2020I love this this mobile and I want this , please give me this type of phone or other better walkman phone

  • Steven

How I love this device way back

  • Amit chettri

I want this phone can I get to buy.

  • Shekar

I love this this mobile and I want this ,

  • Bill Bob Nobex

Just popped the battery out of my W350a and its a BST-37, not a BST-36 as stated above in the listing. Can this be updated?

  • Anonymous

Can i download in what's app

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Apr 2018my mobile is damaged., i want to this mobile. how to purcha... moreIn the philippines still available to buy my friend

  • Anonymous

my mobile is damaged., i want to this mobile. how to purchased this mobile help me friends

  • deepu

i wannaa this mobile

  • fed

can u install whatsapp?

  • Bupathi Mulugu

I love this sony Ericssion 350 phone, Nothing like anything.

  • tharun

i love you w350i this mobiles worked with 4GB memory card with 36games and 2GB songs and 5videos having screen shot in video and not strucked ilove u... this is wonderful mobile forGAMING

  • Abhay

Is WhatsApp support on this phone?

  • paul from Malaysia

Just bought this phone on 7/8/2016 for my collection . Just for RM 3 SECOND HAND. It small but i like the walkman sound, look small but sound best. It like a ipot designed..

  • shaji james

this phone working good condition in my hand but key board failed only call attempt and call returnback

  • Perse-phone

Henrik, 15 Dec 2015I have had this phone for a few years and i decided to star... moreIt might be locked to the old network, especially if you bought it from a branded shop. For example if you bought it at O2 it would only accept an O2 sim card.

  • ricardo

Ohhhh so many memories about this phone... I had one years ago, loved the old school design and It worked well

  • Arjun Rajeswaran

Still using this superb.... phone

  • Henrik

I have had this phone for a few years and i decided to start using it again. I put my sim-card (wich have been changed over the years) and it said "insert right/correct sim-card" what is this and how can i use my phone again?

  • mudi

Anonymous, 28 Apr 2015my phone doesnt press button Clean your charging base hopefully it will work after that