Sony Ericsson W550

Sony Ericsson W550

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  • Riz

I want...

  • Kiranbabu Biguvu

I want this mobile

  • Yes

startswithRendsinP, 04 Jun 2015I saw this phone in 2006 or 2007 first time. It was someone else... moreTrue

  • Gaurav

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2019from where i buy itVery good phone

  • Anonymous

from where i buy it

  • Ajay

AJ, 28 Jun 2019i Still have this phone in gud condition wid accessories.I want to buy that will give you 50 dollars

  • AJ

i Still have this phone in gud condition wid accessories.

  • luzzast

hello there can someone help me, i just bought tthis phone n the menu cant be open.When i press menu button, it show (configuration error,please comtact your network operator...)

  • Mayur

Anonymous, 16 May 2018I want this phone I have this phone in working condition

  • RMR

One of the best phone ever from Sony Ericsson I had before. If you are a music lover you will definitely loved this one. Thank you Sony Ericsson for this masterpiece.

  • Ishak

Sony Ericsson w550 the best mobile Luk & parformans

  • Anonymous

I want this phone

  • Daz1968

Rohit, 10 Dec 2016I want Sony Ericsson W550 pone Iv still got mine still works and it's 13 yrs old got box and all that come with it excellent phone may 2018

256MB storage... in 2005. That's all I need to say.

  • Gk

My first mobile really miss you sound quality is best

  • Syam Ballack

Just bought my second W550.. The first one was stolen.. This phone has the world's best sound quality and super loud 3 speakers. No other phone can be replaced with this majestic device.

  • Musekf

AnonD-462413, 07 Feb 2016Very good and strong phone! i am still using it after 10 yearsI ușe this phone from beginning. IT still working. The best phone. Ever !!!!

  • andy

sanjay singh, 04 Oct 2016Pleade any one can tell me wat r the inbuilt games in w550i pleasemine had worms built in

  • Rohit

I want Sony Ericsson W550 pone

  • Rahul

Bond, 03 Oct 2016Before w550 and after w550i have been never heard the sound qual... moreYou are 100% right.