Sony Ericsson W580

Sony Ericsson W580

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  • DudeOldPhones
  • Sq1
  • 14 Sep 2022

Memories 😇

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    • dinesh
    • rJK
    • 03 Aug 2022

    I love this device , battery is not working can anybody suggest me were do i get this battery

      • K
      • Kps
      • X@3
      • 22 Jun 2022

      Still working smoothly, but only problem is, now a days no internet access.

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        • dayoCandy
        • XBA
        • 24 Oct 2021

        I loved that phone , I use back then ,I felt ontop of the world,

          • V
          • Vicky
          • 3Ye
          • 19 Nov 2020

          My all time favorite....

            Johnmoses, 17 Jul 2020Is there any possibility of getting this phone??Hardly.. too much time, even mine seems long gone...

              • J
              • Johnmoses
              • f}v
              • 17 Jul 2020

              Raynor, 13 Apr 2020used it from 2008 to 2010, slim and slide, still remember.Is there any possibility of getting this phone??

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                • _ALEXT~1
                • LfI
                • 04 May 2020

                Still using this phone in 2020. Although it's somewhat problematic (buggy firmware, worn out battery and strange display behavior, which sometimes shows image with wrong palette or it disappears at all), I still love it, mainly for those sexy side lights which can change color depending on theme or current activity. Spinnin' and Orange Walkman skins looks just perfect with black w/ orange body. After all, there were a lot of great games on J2ME - Lumines, Battle Blocks, Bobby Carrot, Wolfenstein RPG... this list could be endless. I wish somebody would release such pretty devices like this nowadays.

                  used it from 2008 to 2010, slim and slide, still remember.

                    Wow , to see people still commeting about this device from 10+ years ago , just goes to show you how connected people are to their cellphones and how much it makes a difference in one's life ! I would be lying if I said that I don't miss my various T9 keyboard phones ... this one wasn't bad at all for those times ! simpler simpler simpler times !

                      Just fashion.

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                        • OmniSzron
                        • st@
                        • 23 Oct 2018

                        This phone was so wonderfully tactile. The sliding mechanism was gloriously smooth and had the perfect amount of resistance. Picking up a call by sliding it open and ending a call by sliding it back down was brilliantly intuitive and practical. Today's smartphones are all cold, dead slabs of metal with no tactility and crappy vibration motors to provide a bare minimum of sensory feedback. Wish there were more ways to restore some tactility in phones nowadays.

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                          • Anonymous
                          • nC6
                          • 08 Aug 2018

                          Anonymous, 26 Jun 20178 gig memory card? But it says its only expandable up to 4 gigsi still have a live phone, and im using 32gb micro sd, its working fine, sometimes when you browse folders and files phone get little slow but np...
                          still working like a charm.

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                            • Anonymous
                            • q}A
                            • 26 Jun 2017

                            Anonymous, 08 Feb 2017oh my !!! found this one in my basement...didnt use it sinc... more8 gig memory card? But it says its only expandable up to 4 gigs

                              • S
                              • Sam Hayes
                              • mXt
                              • 15 Feb 2017

                              One of my all time faviorete phones still have it to this day although i had to replace the keypad and directional buttons as they eventually stopped working but its working as good as new now :). Use it mainly for work and when i go for a run, saves breaking my current phone :).

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                                • Anonymous
                                • 45M
                                • 08 Feb 2017

                                oh my !!! found this one in my basement...didnt use it since 2009 I guess....checked ...and its still works perfectly!!!! now I ise it as mp3 player with 8 gb memory card :-)))) great job , Sony Ericsson team !!!!

                                  • j
                                  • jar jar
                                  • vxr
                                  • 13 Oct 2016

                                  i need help ders a problem w/ simcard slot .... on my phone screen ( insert smartchip) hw can i fix this???? need help pls.

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                                    • AnonD-75913
                                    • 2S@
                                    • 25 Jul 2016

                                    I have this phone since 8 years, sonyericsson phones has really very good audio quality, camera picture quality, it served me for 8 years, but i started facing problems regarding its keypad from just its 2nd year, now keypad is totally broken and i cant use phone properly, i now use this phone for taking pictures only, if there is a way i can get new keypad please inform me. I have inquired sonyericsson for this but they now no longer support this phone, specially after sony and ericsson have been saperated.

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • r9a
                                      • 15 Mar 2016

                                      AnonD-198555, 21 Oct 2013One of the best handsets I´ve had so far. Very pratic... moremy name is elorine email is got the ph from cousin but but to connect to wall plug for charging is difficult the insuting plug is round while orthers is flat how can i charge it a w580 sony ericsson