Sony Ericsson W660

Sony Ericsson W660

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Fun fact.
We've used a lot of Nokias. All made in different European countries. All have at least one minor gripe, some failed completely.
We've also had Samsungs. Made in Korea IIRC. Mostly good but some had their share of trouble.
Two Sony Ericssons as well. (This one and a T630.) Both MADE IN CHINA. BOTH 100% functional today. Just think about it.

  • Walk-SE

Use it since 2008 up to today.
Now, after a million times of falling onto floor, the display isn't working properly and I'm really sad to switch to another (smart)phone.
I love it and it always did great service. Real cool thing.
1 negative: the usb-cable/headphone connection to the phone is the worst I ever seen. The inventor of this must be on hell of bad drugs that days, geez!

  • Paul malaysia

Jun 2016 just walk at the free market on Sunday found this phone ask for the price RM5, go back recheck and disassemble every component and clean it. Wa la still can be use another SE in my collection.

  • AnonD-395107

I am Using this phone since 2009. What a grate Phone this is from design,features and performance. This phone is really value for money. Well done

  • poorla

M using this friendly phone as a temporary , while i lost my hi-end device.its still be with me while m saving money and using it for i love u :(

  • poorla


  • Anonymous

i really need to know about remote bluetooth

  • Vali

I have this phone since it was released. I took a shower with it, threw it out of a driving car, tossed it to the ground really hard a 100 times... It looks like shit, cause half of the red paint wore off. But it still works, every button works, everything is in place, the back cover stays in it's place.. This phone NEVER failed me. This is an awesome phone. Pure quality. :D I am very pleased. If only phones were that good these days...

  • kasim

sara90, 01 Dec 2012where i can buy this phone now ??from me just 3000 all ok 2 gb mem card orignal casin charger and handsfree battery timings 2-3 days

  • mandz

saad, 04 Aug 2010i just bought this phone yesterday in used. i checked it on... moretry to insert ur sim in another direction. you might have inserted ur sim the wrong way.

  • jas

i have use this phone for 4 yrs . i m typing it from this phone.
still full condition , no complaint ,
awsome sound clarity with super bass. but sound is not loud to compare with other phones . one day i REMOVED THE BACK BODY PORTION of the phon , i really shocked with that ,what the amazing really loud sound . I 've no words to tell that. Its really awsome. what a sound, i think that the poor sound of the phone s becaus of tightly fitting of the back cower. I

  • elMaxnifico

I used this phone since June 2008 and it still function, walkman, 3g..still in perfect condition..only the color at the cover start to fading..i wish i can get the new cover..

  • sara90

where i can buy this phone now ??

  • besnik

laxex, 03 Nov 2012buy this device in 2009 until now..... plan to upgrade to x... moreprgram

  • laxex

buy this device in 2009 until now..... plan to upgrade to xperia sola :)

  • pe

I used this phone from 4 years, and now I use it because of the long lasting battery and small size, being perfect for traveling and hiking.

  • mini

This is an amazing phone sad to know that it is no more available in the indian market but this model is a benchmark...i have been using this since 4 years and absolutely no probs..extremely user friendly and has combined feature of all good fones available in the market today...KUDOS to W660

  • agus

setting gprs

  • aisy

I used from 2007 up to now, still excellent. Camera, internet connection and walkman. Only screen need to replace... it's possible to replace screen only?

  • AnonD-61429