Sony Ericsson W8

Sony Ericsson W8

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  • nivi

is this mobile is available?

This phone can WAIT (yes pun intended) (probably an awful one but...meh)

  • ethan hunt

jack blake, 17 Feb 2017X8/X10 mini blend with walkman.wish it was as good as x10 mini(w... moremore like this is what xperia mini proto looks like

x10mini gets 1Ah non removable batt and 3x4 smart keyboard when xperia mini gets 1200 detach.and the ugly qwerty keyboard (big thumbs stay away)

  • Sakura

I used this gadget for 6 years and it still good work. i love it

  • jack blake

X8/X10 mini blend with walkman.wish it was as good as x10 mini(wonder why W8 never got a successor aside from LWW)

  • Mithun

The ear piece was not upto the mark not able to hear the voice clearly..did anyone faced this ??..or is it normal..? If not suggest me wat to do plsss...thanks in advance

  • Anonymous

still work poperly till now,good quality product

  • pawan

5 years completed...still properly problem yet

  • kamesh

Still using this phone w8 for past 5-6 years.. gud mobile


5 years and still working. Grt product, though using it only for calls.

  • BOSS

5 years completed very good

  • vnr

using for 5 years, overall products are durable and quality

  • AnonD-263534

My phone switch off automatically when gps is turned on, please help me to solve the problem, Thanks!

  • shiva

i am uneable to install any applications, like playstore whatsup(etc.,.,),please do the need full

  • santornio

Tonmoy saha, 09 Feb 2016I want to know how to send MMS to others.... please send information.i thing you must reset this phone and try again
hope success
thank you

  • AnonD-505715

can someone help me..i just format my fone..after that i try to download whatsapp and open the apps..always show the msg 'force close'..

  • AnonD-263534

My headset wire is cutoff, I wanted to buy a new headphone but, my phone does not support any other headset, please help me with this

I am in India

  • Tonmoy saha

I want to know how to send MMS to others.... please send information.

  • jithu

to connect internet do the following...

go to settings -- sony ericsson-- (2) setting download
then u will connect to the internet

  • Anonymous

i am using this mobile phone since 5 yrs. alll features are good but speaker sound is too small so i can't heard properly while phone call.