Sony Ericsson W800

Sony Ericsson W800

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  • Anonymous

Catherine the Great, 14 Dec 2018Does this phone use a joystick?!Yep, it has a little nub-stick. You can also use the sony games controller attachment!

  • Zen

Does it support 2 GB Memory ?

  • Anonymous

Catherine the Great, 14 Dec 2018Does this phone use a joystick?!Yes.

Does this phone use a joystick?!

  • mg

AnonD-1034, 04 Apr 2016Yes and still using this at this year...together w/ my w810, Th... moreMega bass is better . but clear bass is the best

  • Akin's

Pls I need battery for w881i I'm in Nigeria

  • AnonD-543508

AnonD-1034, 04 Apr 2016Yes and still using this at this year...together w/ my w810, Th... moreLED-flash is misleading. In report its correct. Its no flash at all. there is an external flashoption which is firing if needed. It cannot be forced to fire= not ideal.
I always thought that is has bluetooth-option for wireless data-transfer. maybe confusing with cable. Dont like the permanent shut-down mode. one has to wake it up by pressing two buttons all the time. ok i understand. battery-life limited.

  • AnonD-1034

Yes and still using this at this year...together w/ my w810,
They had both SUPERB 'megabass' quality,that no ever walkman has to produce,,
Im using it as my mp3 player and their sound is far far superior than ipods or other android phone today even with 3rd party apps bass enchancement,
It cannot match with these walkmans MEGABASS!

Using my hpm 82 adapter, and mdr ex700sl as my in-ear phone..
Im lucky and proud to known and to have this at this time,,
Its sound has amazingly unimaginable PUNCH OF BASS!
I can say this is THE BEST SOUND QUALITY in the world!
No mp3 or equalizer can surpass this ,even clear bass of sony by itself
,their latest walkman player,HD sound,latest ipod or beats on htc...

MEGABASS of that old walkman from sony ericsson(W900,K750,W800,W810,W700,W710) are the true essence and quality of a sound/music !
I only had now and using my W800i and W810i.. And im lucky theyre still alive using today..
ill take care of this til d end of time :)
Coz nothing like this now that u can find..even the sound of it...

  • AnonD-516546

20 euro , it's ok?

  • thanhchu

Currently, I still use it, I like it.

  • R.

I recently got this good oldie. This phone is good, but there are two things that balder me. Camera opens itself without touching everything. It's specific fault to this model. And you can't just import mp3's drag and drop mode to memorycard otherwise the phone says it's imported wrong software or something. You have to use Disc2Phone software to get all mp3's working on phone. Other than that it's very good phone. With these two problems i still prefer the newer w810i. But good phone still tough.

  • Seem

My phone stay on emergency call only how can I change it to normal again

  • rakusisme

my fist SE phone..for almost 10 years i used this phone with no issue at all..truly a legend..

  • waseem

i love my w800 its tops because i love music and i do believe that the walkman series are rockz almost any other music brands on the market

  • aaa.

how to browse?

  • AnonD-226100

9 years, same battery & still going strong.

  • nicky

Great phone, pics are brilliant! the resolution is perfect even for large pics prints!! would anybody know if texts can be downloaded to printer/USB or how to save them as pics in the memory stick?

  • kasha

This Phone is AWWWosome Coz its so Simple and relaiable i have it since 2006 And boy its a Jem I love my W800 Coz its KAshas BOy !!!!

  • AnonD-213558

I totally agree with you. I'm still using it up to this moment. the phone is still wonderful, quick text and easy to navigate. i still has beautiful shots and videos despite of its low megapixels. One of the most wonderful phone ever made.

  • megadennis99

Amazing Phone, love it. . i am using until now