Sony Ericsson W880

Sony Ericsson W880

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  • 14 Dec 2021

Even though it was from the Walkman series it was a great business phone. Compact, slim, stylish, smoothly working, with clear sound, good camera and many extras for its time (except GPS navigation).

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    • Dawalyueyteyti
    • C9a
    • 04 Jan 2021

    I had this in 2007 to 2008

      The phone is actually really small - even for 2007 (many phones from 2007 were bigger).

        I remember this phone for how thin it was. That was very appealing.

          I've seen 2018 flagship phones that are thicker!

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            • mvG
            • 07 Jan 2018

            Still having my W880 but it's a really Time machine considering how slow it is with a 16GB m2 memory card.

            But it's a real relief having it with in pockets, compared to small Androids that nowadays comes with 4.7" screens

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              • Smartass
              • JcM
              • 24 Oct 2017

              Bought it in 2009 and still using it as backup.
              Just like other owners, it still has it's original battery and never had any problem whatsoever.
              Battery life is decent. I don't use it in 3G so I don't know about that, but in 2G mode using it just as a phone, it can easily go 10 days stand by with just a couple of hours talk during this time.

              Name one smartphone that can go 5-6 days in the same 2G mode.......!!!!

              Not to mention the thickness of just 9 mm, which is copied today (October 2017) by Chinese manufacturers making slim 2G phones the size of a credit card. Granted, todays copies are just 6mm thick, but back then, ALL these features in just 9mm thickness was realy a big deal.
              When it came out in my country in 2007, it sold for 400 euros. I got it 2 years later for 120.
              The prise drop was so crazy, I got me two of them, and they both still work just fine.
              What can I say. I love it.
              Name one phone as light and capable as this, that can fit in your pocket without problems.............that's right! ! !
              People definitely need phones like this!

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                • Theoden
                • MVg
                • 28 Sep 2017

                Still using it. All original parts inc battery. Best phone I've ever owned and have had a few since about '98 😉

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                  • alisoly
                  • B}e
                  • 18 Aug 2017

                  Best ever phone I had, I miss it alot
                  Thanks Sony Ericsson for all you done

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                    • remon
                    • tuf
                    • 06 Feb 2017

                    my brother bought w880i at 2007 ,,then in 2013 he bought Xperia Z ,now Iphone6 at 2016#sony#respect#legend!!!

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                      • AnonD-606531
                      • gCR
                      • 04 Nov 2016

                      Anonymous, 13 Oct 2016Why cant it handle whatsapp messengerIt doesn't have android system, its too old

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                        • fuf
                        • 13 Oct 2016

                        Why cant it handle whatsapp messenger

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                          • utI
                          • 29 Jun 2016

                          I want w880 dishplay

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                            • AnonD-51487
                            • 3aA
                            • 06 Oct 2015

                            Vidyut, 06 Feb 2007Not so good. Sony is slightly getting off track. We need la... moreWe've now got larger screens...much larger and 'better' features lol...

                            But not all progress is good. Using a Samsung A3 kinda reminds me of this device..metal..compact...good audio...but still prefer the W880!

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                              • AnonD-51487
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                              • 06 Oct 2015

                              the man with SII, 24 Jun 2013we miss u .. 'sony Ericsson' :(The Ericsson bit gave great design flair missing from umpteen Xperia's

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                                • AnonD-51487
                                • 3aA
                                • 06 Oct 2015

                                I wish this phone was re-released it was a classic, loved owning one of these devices. How about it Sony?

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                                  • AnonD-220495
                                  • uEx
                                  • 24 Sep 2015

                                  ASGHAI, 29 Jul 2015The w880 (or any Walkman phone) is still an amazing piece o... moreare you freakin sure the battery will goes on for 15days and 5days of hours talk??

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                                    • ASGHAI
                                    • p%q
                                    • 29 Jul 2015

                                    The w880 (or any Walkman phone) is still an amazing piece of kit. In an age where phones are smarter than the users!

                                    The size is amazing and very discrete. The battery will go 15 days on standby and you can get a at least 5 days talk time. Something my smart phone could never compute!!

                                    It works on 3g and doubles up as an amazing MP3 (Walkman) player. The sound quality with the supplied Sony Ericson headphone is amazing. It has graphic equalizer and Meagabass (good ol' days!).

                                    I always use this as a backup and divert the calls to this phone where I can't take a smart phone or discretion is required. Also these phones were built at a time where build quality was at a premium.

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                                      • jimmy
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                                      • 05 Jul 2015

                                      its a great little compacked phone it looks stunning the volume is just perfect all the fetures work mine doesnt frezze or jam theres no problems with this phone i highly suggest this phone its pay to go im 02 user i dont know if verizon and sprint work on this phone you could probly find out your by trying a sprint or verizon theres sim in the phone or google it the phone has a really nice design the buttons are acruite and just the right size i rate this 100/100

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                                        • agam sidroe
                                        • Kic
                                        • 03 Jun 2014

                                        Ken, 27 Mar 2014Sony Ericsson W880i , It is lovely slim phone to use. I am ... morepr0blem setting